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When you need focus, inspiration or just a kick in the butt, this is the blog to turn to.
Despite the fact that I teach and coach situational selling, I, too sometimes have to catch myself falling into old bad habits. It doesn't happen too often and these days I'm able to catch myself but it almost cost me dearly.I was meeting with two women representing a mortgage company who were in...
The number one issue I'm asked to help realtors and mortgage professionals with is time management.  I find there are two issues within the strategy of time management that you must address or be forever at the mercy of the clock you can never catch up with.In order to apply these two tips you al...
In response to my previous post Keith Jeppson wrote that 80% of his business is coming from his Sphere of Influence (SOI), yet he is still holding back from working that sphere for 'fear' that he'll be seen as just wanting them for their business.This can be a slippery slope but not when done cor...
I had a discussion the other day after speaking to a group of college students about the power of relationships. I encouraged the students to build a lot of relationships and to never burn any bridges because, down the road, you'll never know when you may come across that person again.I continue ...
Two weeks ago I was at a networking event and met a contractor who specializes in designing kitchens in high end homes. I asked him what a good referral and contact would be for him. He told me his best referral sources are architects.How, I only know one architect in his region, but I hadn't spo...
Based on the feedback I'm getting from those on my e-zine list of over 3,200, I'm going to guess that you did not meet all of your goals in 2006.If you did meet all of your goals and you had a very successful year, congratulations, but this e-mail is not for you and you should ignore the free gif...

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When you need focus, inspiration or just a kick in the butt, this is the blog to turn to.