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when you have a listing presentation, to get a listing, you must have your own special tool(s). Some agents use power point slide shows or new tech things.. One of my clients uses DVD tour. We have a lot of other listing tours. He picks up his favoriate home tour. Then, he plays this dvd on his ...
when you send me upto 20 pics, i can create a slide show with music please click the following: the fee of this tour is Only $9.99 why do you pay monthly provider?  if you don't make 3 new listings every month, your money is leaking !! NO SET UP FE...
  Great pics can grab buyer's attention We can provide services to Metro atlanta area for taking professional pictures and videos If you are out of GA, or Metro Atlanta Area, you can send us  pics upto 20 pictures then , we can create  decent slide shows please look at my web
what do you think gov will bail out 3 auto makers? opinion is to waste money !! instead, help current homeowners..many of homeowners suffer from the current mortgage payment this crisis came from the real estate market.. so let it cool with gov help.. then, economy will be back as normal...
do you know about flat fee brokers? Listing service from $399 .. I am sure you saw these ads.. do you think this system is working out? well.. it depends on.. I know one of Flet fee brokers: Simplicity.. they got pretty good program.. what do you think this system is working? I think because of i...
who is going to process a shortsale? 1. if you can't afford to make monthly mortgage payment 2. if you have serious financial troubles 3. you owe more money than the current home value 4. all above  who is going to approve your shortsale? 1. seller's lender 2. seller's mortgage broker 3. buyer 4....
what do you think our real estate market in the next year? I think..More Short sale proprties are least my state: GA this trend makes regular listings hard to sell.. so..I have some idea to protect the current homeowners. what if lawmakers set up new regualtion: the regular listings ca...
Ready for Thanksgiving? I am kinda busy for shooting video tour for my client. he thinks he placed an order to Walmart..No Holiday.. He loves my tour: Full motion video tour..Actually, he gets more results(closings) since He became my client. when he has listing presentations, he plays DVD (one ...
If you represent a buyer, would you risk to show the properties which don't have decent pics? I don't think so.. That's why you need to get great pics to attract more buyers. How do you like the picture you see now? this home is sold within 3 weeks after I created a virtual tour.. Quality !! Qua...
what is a great virtual tour? that's catching the viewer's attention and make it closed..No Question !! in order to catch viewer's attetion, those pictures must be unique and great quality.. No Question !! that's why I am writing this now provides decent and best quality pictures...

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What is the most important factor to sell your listing? I think Marketing !! That's why I am here for helping you out.. I create decent and economical virtual tours for Realtors