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New FHA Short Sale Guidelines You can now do a short sale on your home and buy a new home without waiting three years.   Prior to the new guidelines you were unable to buy a home with a FHA insured mortgage following a short sale of your primary residence. download FHA Guideline PDF If you were c...
I have been dealing with US Bank in Portland on a Short Sale.  This was a small builder (only a couple homes).  He does not have deep pockets.  He is in his 50's.  He has taken out a second on his personal residence (which puts him upside down in this property also) to pay this loan for over a 2 ...
Does anyone else think it is not a coincedence that this is happening weeks before the election.  One last attempt to steal from the poor and give to rich before the new administration takes over and the party ends.  The same people that already made fortunes are going to make more money and they...
It's only been a little over a week since the administration decided to throw $200 billion into this Tornado to bail out Fannie Mae and Frddie Mac - Now this week they want to throw in another $700 billion to rebail out these same mortgages and more.  And they want to do it with no accountability...
I wrote an offer on a Homesteps listing yeterday.  Homesteps is the listing agency for Freddie Mac foreclosures and they list with ERA agents exclusively. The agent emailed me a 4 page form to fill out.  I had to initial and date each page and sign the last page.  My buyers didn't sign anything. ...
I recently noitced a charge for about $42 on one of my credit cards from Symantec for renewal of Norton Antivius.  I have not used this program in several years so I was surprised.  There was a phone number on the credit card statement - however, when I tried to call it, I was prompted to agree t...
I have a program that keeps popping up telling me I need to remove viruses from my computer - I already have virus software.  If I click on it it prompts me to buy their product to remove these viruses. It is really aggresive and keeps popping up and is really annoying.  It has added icons to my ...
Welcome to Idaho and the Surprise Valley Community located between Warm Springs Ave and Highway 21 -near the Old Oregon Trail and along the black basalt cliffs this area is known for.  This is east Boise living at it's finest.   Ideal for the recreationist - minutes from Lucky Peak Reservoir.  Al...
I have been studying the stats for Boise and find them interesting.  Our inventory is up and Median Price (Approximately $210,000) is down - as are sales (36%) from 2007.  However, certain pockets are starting to recover.  We have about 11-12 months worth of inventory on an average.  However, in ...
If you are looking for a "Golf Course Community" - this is the ultimate!   SpurWing is the only planned country club community in the Greater Boise Valley and is definitely the Ultimate Boise Golf Community. A divided boulevard leads you through SpurWing's massive stone arches and takes you throu...

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