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Different seller are looking for different things when they are listing their house. FSBOs want the most money, while Expired Listings just want to get the house sold. When talking to a seller, you have to find their hot button and craft your presentation to hit that button. With an expired listi...
There are the 3 keys to making money in Real Estate in today’s market. I’m going to cover #3. (Here are those 3 things as a reminder) Step #1: Take listings. Step #2: Get them priced where they will sell. Step #3: Negotiate offers with the buyer’s agent and facilitate the closing. I still remembe...
While a lot of people are concerned about the economy, some are doing something about it. While saving money and cutting expenses is always a good idea, it's obvious you aren't going to save your way to financial independence. Instead, you need an income that is recession proof. That's not depend...
When we take a listing, we all want to know what the likelihood it has of selling. Today I am going to talk about something that we have noticed here in our market. The listings that have the most interest and sell the fastest are the less expensive homes close to town. In our market high priced ...
I was calling listing leads today and got an appointment with a FSBO. Something happened that I thought was interesting. I asked the seller for an appointment and used a downswing at the same time. The seller agreed right away to meet with me. A downswing is when you push your voice to a little h...
Did you know that most agents are sitting on a goldmine in commissions...without even knowing it?... Here's why: If you are like most agents in today’s market... you are so busy looking for what to do just to survive, finding buyers, doing deals, and running the day to day tasks... that you can't...

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