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Welcome to my blog! Now that I am retired, I don't blog as much as I used to, generally offering Home Staging advice and decorating tips when I do write. On Wednesdays I enjoy sharing a fun picture or meme using my grandchildren as my inspiration.
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If you are planning on listing your house for sale in the near future, I would like to once again stress the importance of protecting your family's privacy.Home Stagers, as a general rule, advise sellers to remove all personal documents, photos, awards, medications, valuables, etc. while their ho...
Brand loyalty is something very important to every business. The foundation of market success is having a strong base of loyal customers. Ron and Alexandra Seigel have issued a challenge, Name Three Brands You Trust & Why,asking us what brands we remain loyal to.We all have different priorities w...
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What makes a house a home? What makes a home special?Some people have lived all over the very interesting and exotic locations. Whether you are one of those people or someone who is still living in the house you were born in, our experiences in our homes help make us who we are today....
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Did you know that today, March 1, is National Peanut Butter Lovers Day? I don't usually follow, nevermind celebrate, these random national holidaysbut today is different. I have a fabulous, delicious and healthy fudge recipethat is perfect for today's "holiday". I make these on a regular basis......
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One aspect of Home Staging that many sellers don't fully understand is "first impression". You have heard it and read it time and time again....You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression.  It's been said millions of times, so often that it's become background noise. It's like "...

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Author Bio: Sharon Tara is a retired professional Home Stager who served the greater Seacoast New Hampshire area. Sharon specialized in owner-occupied home staging consults to help sellers prepare and present their home for sale.