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Washington DC in Springtime You can read about neighborhoods elsewhere on this website.  You can listen to the nightly news and hear what's happening or not happening on Capitol Hill.  There is no shortage of news about what goes on in the Capitol of the United States.  What you may not have hea...
You do the math Real estate commissions vary.  They are negotiable. Nothing is written in stone.  I mean think about it. No two homes are exactly alike.  No two homes are priced exactly the same.  The perception that using a percentage will put everyone on the same level playing field is just pu...
We have spent several years sharing thoughts and observations about the collapse of the real estate world that existed as recently as 2006.  Depending on the writer's profession, fingers have been pointed at everyone else. Today, the market is limping along with little hope for dynamic recovery a...
Maybe you have a job with an office in downtown Washington DC. Maybe you work in Rockville or Bethesda. There's a good chance that where ever you spend your day earning your hard earned pay, it is part of the giant urban concrete jungle that extends from Alexandria to Rockville. At the end of the...
How do I price my home for sale? The answer to that question takes a little more thought and creativity than it used to take in days gone by.  In the Montgomery County and Washington, DC markets, we watched prices explode and almost double over a period of a few years ending in the late to mid-20...
It would be easy just to share the pictures of this home. People have been telling me that "a picture tells a thousand words". Maybe. But maybe pictures only tell part of the story.  You can visit the virtual tour by clicking on this LINK.  You will experience a snap shot in time.  The house has...
First time buyer grant money is now available in the DC area.  There are several sources of this money. The amount can be as high as $7,500. It almost sounds to good to be true!  There must be a catch. Right?  Well, there is no catch, you only need to qualify for a loan from one of the lenders p...
YOU DON'T NEED 8,230 REAL ESTATE AGENTS.   YOU NEED ONE. Local resident for over 30 years. Represented Buyers (such as your self  in hundreds of transactions). Offers complete representation from initial consultation through settlement. Nationally recognized educator in the industry. Author of  b...
The second step in home buying is making a careful determination of your needs. This determination should include, but is not limited to the size, type and location of your new home.  As mention in my earlier article (The first step in Home Buying), you should have already spoken with a lender re...

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