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Margaret Woda shared this recently. I read the blog. I read through the comments. Then I shared the following.  Margaret - I handle clients that are seeking rental property. Sometimes, I feel like one of the last men standing. The majority of my referrals come from other agents that do not want t...
One of the bigger issues today. Don't think we are just referring to apartment living. Condo's can also be town homes. The drop in the market, the foreclosures, the economy and several other factors have turned condo's into nightmares. If you have cash, you may still be able to get a bargain, but...
Failure is just so hard to accept.           This morning, I took the time to read Inna Hardison's post here on Active Rain . As usual, she brings a sense of clarity where others don't. To be fair, she does work with her husband Jon in an industry that would benefit from the advice she shares. H...
Finally, one of the finest mortgage folks I know shares insight on just what you need to provide in the process. Wow....no secrets, just cold hard facts. Thanks BridgetWhen a potential client calls me one of the questions they will ask is "What documentation do I need to get a pre-approval?" Stat...
The picture on line looks so inviting.          You read the remarks and it seems to be a perfect fit for you.  The price is right. The location is good. You pick up the phone and call the listing agent. In most cases, he or she is very helpful. Why shouldn't they be helpful? You may be the sour...
         It is 2011. For a moment, can we set aside the fear and vitriol that  surrounds conversations regarding people for whom English is a second language.  I am not talking about Hispanics. They only exist in the mind of the U.S. Government. The government coined the term "Hispanic" back in ...
My good friend (pictured) used to be an agent          I am not exactly sure where to begin.  I still work as a Realtor on a full time basis.  I have been to the top of the crazy pricing and still remember the throws of 18% interest rates.  I have not seen it all, but I have been in enough battl...
This is all we've got ... one planet The other morning I came across an article in the Washington Post regarding the melting glaciers in Peru. It is safe to say that for the majority of my life, I never would have bothered to read the article.  Peru is so far away and the fact that they have gla...
Yep, that chicken has come home to roost! I have to preface this with the statement that I do not work for the IRS. I am not a CPA.  I am just an average guy that reads the newspaper.  Recently, I came across an article about taxes.  Now the focus of the article related to the fact that the Tax ...
( haga clic en la imagen para visitar nuestro sitio web ) Tudela-MacArthur nos dedicamos a establecer relaciones duraderas. Ya sea porque usted esté buscando su primera vivienda o esté buscando una casa de veraneo; porque desee una casa mas pequeña, esté listo para jubilarse o por cualquier otro...

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