As real estate agents, we never know where our next client will come from. I know I may be over-simplifying here, but these methods of securring business just don't make me want to hop out of bed in the morning: ~ Capturing the lead ~ Converting the FSBO ~ Going after the Expired listing ~ Begg...
  When I started my real estate career several years back, the first stop after getting my license was the bank. I decided that each commission check would be divvied up amongst 4 different accounts (yes, my previous career was in Accounting): Checking - Household Checking - Real Estate Savings -...
My Dear Buyers, Showing You Houses Is NOT Wasting My Time!   I met a wonderful couple last year, and will be listing their house in the next couple of months. They are ready to start looking for their next house, but aren't exactly sure where they want to buy.   "Sue, we don't know if we want to ...
The New FSBO - For Cleveland and Other Snowy Cities! Find Shovelers Before October Unfortunately, I don't have a snowblower. I don't really mind, because I can use the exercise! So today I spent 90+ minutes shoveling 6" deep snow from my driveway. I live on a very busy street, and hundreds of car...
Whatever You Do, DON'T Listen To Your Clients!   Of course I'm kidding, but now that I've got your attention... I may have missed out on the perfect house for clients of mine, because they once told me, "We don't want a house bigger than 2500 square feet. We're downsizing." Taking that to heart, ...
North Olmsted, OH Real Estate Sales 2010 vs 2009 Well, 2010 sure did fly by! Meaning it's time for some some interesting statistics on North Olmsted, OH Real Estate sales! Yes, you read right...I did say "interesting". Don't worry, I'll keep it short and charts or graphs. Just a few hi...

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