Want a pick-me-up when you're wondering if ANY houses are selling, because you have a listing or two that no one seems to want to buy?   Well, I just went into my MLS to clean house. Several of my clients, and more than several prospects, have searches that I've set up for them and their result...
If Only Time Had A Fear Of Flying!   My two children recently had big daughter turned 21 last week, and my son turned 18 last month. I also had a birthday last week, but not a "big" one. Let's just say I am now in the next higher age-range on those silly surveys we're enticed to co...
  Sadly, the North Olmsted, OH school levy failed for the 3rd time this year. By 10 votes. But I fell asleep happy, because at 11:30pm we were ahead by 3 votes. Apparently with all 24 precincts reporting. Three votes = my family. Which included my son's vote, who turned 18 last week and was votin...
A couple of years ago, I decided to try marketing my services to sellers whose listings had expired. After about 2 months of sending letters & postcards and making phone calls, I decided it just wasn't my cup of tea. Anyway, today I was cleaning my office, and decided to check out the addresses o...

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