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I had an interesting conversation with a fellow baby boomer at a Tour of Homes open house yesterday.  The topic is very much on many peoples' minds these days: do I remodel my home or move into a new one!  It is a tough question when you consider the expense of a major remodel.  Many of these fol...
Well, we tried our twighlight open house with an ad in the classifieds for a Wednesday evening gig.  I blew up a nice colorful baloon bouquet, put up my signs and enjoyed reading magazines on a delightful summer evening.  No one joined me.  One try is not a deterrent, but the location probably is...
Our team is considering doing a week night (Thursday perhaps) open house to change things up a bit.  Has anyone tried this or have an opinion on best evening, time or whatever for open houses.  Our listings are piling up and there are a limited number of us humans to open the houses to show our s...
Our team works with a local lender in using the Home Buyers Scouting Report as a way to keep track of contacts we meet at an open house for example.  We cross reference one another in conversations or e-mails with the contact over time to keep them in the loop so to speak.We need at least 30 peop...

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I am not a KNOW IT ALL, but I am always willing to find out all you want to know. I draw from experience from my life, from years of education and from client relationships to share with potential homeowners, sellers and casual house hunters. This blog is an opportunity to share my humorous side & my introspective self on the topic of living and working in Olympia & Thurston County in Washington State. We are a capitol community after all; unique in many ways from the number of state workers to Evergreen State College and the personality that goes along with both. Life is a challenge; let's share ways to make it better!