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Yesterday I was in the office frantically getting ready for a 12:30 pm open house.  I guess I wasn't that frantic; my balloons were already tied to my signs in the car, I had the flyers printed and ready to go, but I was still doing some research and needed to eat lunch. The other agents in the o...
You might be wondering what MY weight has to do with Real Estate.  I had an epiphany on the subjectI I thought I would share with all of you. A couple of years ago I lost over 20 lbs going to Weight Watchers.  I have managed to keep the weight off for the most part: (one part is 5 lbs I am dealin...
Yesterday was Day One of National Open House Day.  I did my usual "due diligence" by going to the office blowing up 6 baloons, tied them to my personal sandwich board wood signs, printed my color flyers, the guest registry.....  I had some extra time so I went into the downtown Olympia library an...
Today I had yet another out of state call to get my money for relocation referrals.  I asked for a call back and then ignored the call???  I am always afraid to ask the inevitable:  "how much does it cost" for all these people looking for homes in Olympia Wa? It is amazing how ingratiating these ...
Hello Fellow Bloggers in Real Estate: I am moving away from a Team to a solo operation again and I need a tag line and new branding.  I am working with our marketing gal, but would love some suggestions.  I am focusing on baby boomers and transitions.   Thanks for any ideas out there............ ...
Hello, I work in an area near  Fort Lewis that has a great number of troops coming and going.  And some stay for years of course.  Any suggestions from others who live in a military area, but have no official ties to the base on how to meet potential buyers?  I work with lenders that have great p...
This has been an outstanding day for me.  For the past 2.5 weeks I have been in a non-weight bearing cast after slipping off my shoe heel and breaking the 5th metatarsal in my foot.  Life changed dramatically for this realtor.  I went into a major slow down physically & emotionally as the reality...
Sometimes the clock just doesn't move on a Saturday afternoon in a vacant house five miles from anywhere. It is in those quiet times that a realtor can really "study" the house to write down ideas to help it sell. Yesterday my husband went with me to a home and commented that the mirror over the ...
Well, I slipped off a shoe, turned my foot wrong and fractured a small bone in my foot.  Now I am into the 3 weeks of non weight bearing crutches.  I was depressed today as I hobbled around the office carrying addendums in my mouth to fax off.  I decided to get a pouch and let people help as much...
Hello,Another information please message.  Do you have an opinion on which designations mean more business?  How do you recommend using the designation effectively? Thanks..shelly

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I am not a KNOW IT ALL, but I am always willing to find out all you want to know. I draw from experience from my life, from years of education and from client relationships to share with potential homeowners, sellers and casual house hunters. This blog is an opportunity to share my humorous side & my introspective self on the topic of living and working in Olympia & Thurston County in Washington State. We are a capitol community after all; unique in many ways from the number of state workers to Evergreen State College and the personality that goes along with both. Life is a challenge; let's share ways to make it better!