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The SEO Guru offers white-hat SEO services and consultation from his home base in Phoenix, Arizona; but is a virtual consultant, via Skype, worldwide.
Well, the mortgage market being what it is in Phoenix, I have found that I am more valuable to the world putting my SEO stuff to work.  My thing has always been mortgages and real estate SEO. But with the real estate market being what it is in Arizona, I have put originating Arizona VA loans on t...
I found this commercial today and thought it was just hilarious. It's an ad for Goodyear tires and gives the viewer the impression that, when a woman is behind the wheel, she goes through something similar to an acid trip. It's all so confusing for ladies! There are signs, and bright lights, and ...
Like most people, I've been using PC's for most of my professional career. However, back when PC's were primarily "office machines," people who had computers in their homes overwhelmingly used Macintosh. My dad bought a Mac when I was 16, I believe. I used Macs until I was about 25 and that was i...
I just watched Steven Colbert interview Tea Party Express chairperson Amy Kremer on Hulu. The Tea Party "Express" are the ones who go around on buses. I have to admit, I only watched it to see him make her look silly on national television. It's a guilty pleasure; I'm not proud. But he didn't bre...
When I heard that Osama had been captured, I turned on Fox News, just like I always do, to see how those wacky guys and gals would spin it.  The first thing I noticed, of course, was the fact that they spelled his name "Usama" with a "U." Now, it generally makes my brain hurt watching uneducated ...
June 11th, 2012: I am editing this post and reposting it as a "public" ActiveRain post, over a year later. The original private posting on ActiveRain was the best way for me to cry out loud, That's it. Unexpectedly, I received more support than you can image from right here in the Rain. _________...
I love ActiveRain. And, most assuredly, I owe much of my success in the mortgage business to the ActiveRain blogging platform. Google loves ActiveRain and as an AR blogger, I am loved by Google. Regardless of the above facts, I still think The Rain could be improved. We need to eliminate the spa...
As a mortgage professional, clients often call to ask about whether or not they should file bankruptcy or call one of the "non-profit" credit counseling agencies that advertise on late-night television. There is no simple answer to this question. If you ask a credit counseling company (a.k.a. "de...
This girl really likes to party. She likes swimming pools. She likes it all. She's a total party animal. Of course, she isn't really an Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Client. She isn't old enough to have a job and everytime you want to talk about interest rates, she just wants to talk about how much ...
For whatever reason my friends tend to call and ask me for advice. I don't know if I get asked more than normal, or if this is how all friendships are.  If I am lucky, they think I'm wise beyond my years... Wouldn't that be nice? Or maybe they might think that I am so socially clumsy that I must ...

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The SEO Guru offers white-hat SEO services and consultation from his home base in Phoenix, Arizona; but is a virtual consultant, via Skype, worldwide.

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Michael George earned two bachelors degrees at Oakland University, in Rochester Hills, MI. One in Political Science and one in Management Information Systems. Michael George consults with professionals on their search engine marketing (SEM) efforts.