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The SEO Guru offers white-hat SEO services and consultation from his home base in Phoenix, Arizona; but is a virtual consultant, via Skype, worldwide.
How would you like your Google search engine rankings to look like this? Pretty good, right? In the video below, I will show you how to add review stars to your own website- very easily. Yes, you can have your picture and gold stars in your Google search results, based on reviews your clients pr...
If you read my last post, you (hopefully), realize the importance of optimizing your pages in Wordpress, using strong keyword-rich URLs. In this post, I will discuss how you can edit your posts for better SEO, and redirect all of your old pages juice to a new page. When I say "discuss," I mean th...
Do you use breadcrumbs for SEO? If you have a Wordpress website, or any website for that matter, you should organize your content using breadcrumbs. Okay, So What Are Breadcrumbs? ActiveRain uses breadcrumbs brilliantly. It's one of the many reasons that ActiveRain does so well in the search engi...
So you clicked on my post, huh? Just goes to show that a snappy title gets 'em every time. But I saw some marketing in Phoenix today that I thought was really slick. Baiting people works for signage- because I flipped a u-turn to take this photograph- and it works for blog posts, because you are...
While doing some research for a new client yesterday, I came across something that I see all of the time-- footer links-- but this time it was just a tiny bit more insidious than usual. Check out the spammy SEO links at the bottom of this page. Again, this is an attorney we are talking about. Whe...
A few months ago, the First Lady opened a Pinterest account and interest in the website has picked up more than ever.    Pinterest is a unique social networking site, or more precisely, an image sharing site-- and it is the special uniqueness of the website that has made it a popular tool in the ...
Google's Local Search is becoming more and more prominent, and smart business owners know that a good SEO strategy includes having good "local" placement. But Google Places are a mystery for a lot of people. It can be tough to show up there, even if you do everything right. Well, one of my client...
I have told this story before, but I received an email this morning from somebody in an identical situation. And somehow, even though Wells Fargo did the very same thing to me, it made me a lot angrier once I heard that they are doing it to somebody else. Four years ago, on August 23rd, 2008-- my...
Sometimes, people on AR email me and ask me for simple help. I don't mind helping people out, and if I can take a look at their Google+ page or maybe adjust something on their ActiveRain account, I usually do it. People send me their passwords, which is fine, but I just ask that they change it as...
For the past 7.5 months, I have lived at Roanoke Terrace apartments, in Phoenix. I chose this apartment because it's only about 3 blocks away from the law firm that I do most of my consulting for. However, it is my opinion that my apartment is a health hazard, and my landlord (George Matter of Se...

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The SEO Guru offers white-hat SEO services and consultation from his home base in Phoenix, Arizona; but is a virtual consultant, via Skype, worldwide.

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Michael George earned two bachelors degrees at Oakland University, in Rochester Hills, MI. One in Political Science and one in Management Information Systems. Michael George consults with professionals on their search engine marketing (SEM) efforts.