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The SEO Guru offers white-hat SEO services and consultation from his home base in Phoenix, Arizona; but is a virtual consultant, via Skype, worldwide.
Okay, in truth, I started doing this years ago at a time that I was very broke. I wanted to give everyone I knew a super-terrific Christmas present, but I had a very limited budget-- so I decided to give everyone something homemade. I learned how to can stuff. I just finished canning a large batc...
WordPress sites can be hacked and all of your Google rankings destroyed, all without you knowing about it. That's right, somebody who reads this article, who currently uses Wordpress has already been hacked and doesn't even know it. First of all, I love WordPress. It's not that WordPress sites, i...
I love to eat and I love Habitat for Humanity. I once went down to Mexico to build houses (or, a "house" I should say)- and it was really a great time and a great charity. We helped a very nice family that was living in a tiny trailer. What an appropriate charity for ActiveRain to contribute to! ...
All of the real estate SEO in the world will not help you if your website does not convert visitors into clients. So, instead of focusing on SEO for Realtors (my usual stuff), I am going to write about website "conversions" and turning those visitors to your website into genuine clients. Actually...
I work as an SEO consultant in Phoenix, AZ and I can prove it. I have consulting references (on request only); I can show anyone sites that I currently own and that are ranked highly in Google; and finally, I went to school for Management Information Systems, with a concentration in web developme...
One very effective way of getting your site to "Google page one" is to eliminate the people who are above you. I actively report my competition to Google as SPAM. Not because I'm a jerk and I don't like competition, but because my competition- a lot of them- are spammers. There is a mortgage comp...
This post actually has nothing to do with Peralta Hills real estate listings, but I wanted to use the geographic area as an example because it works perfectly for this real estate marketing tip. (By the way, if you are a Realtor who sells in the Peralta Hills area, I own and I am...
Real estate SEO is not the primary type of SEO work that I do. In fact, when it comes to internet marketing for Realtors, I've done it mostly for friends and I've done it mostly by writing articles on ActiveRain. This is a little ironic, because the people I do SEO for most of the time are attor...
So when I read that Lance Armstrong was stripped of his titles last week, it didn't make me angry or make me want to stand on a soapbox and talk about "cheating." I was thinking about my wife, who- while going through cancer herself- read both of Lance's books and declared that he was her persona...
I see this a lot on ActiveRain blogs and-- embarassingly enough-- on people's actual business pages. If you are somebody that thinks "SEO" means repeating keywords (keyword stuffing) and/or putting those keywords in bold, please let me try and talk you out of it. Before I continue though, allow m...

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The SEO Guru offers white-hat SEO services and consultation from his home base in Phoenix, Arizona; but is a virtual consultant, via Skype, worldwide.

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Michael George earned two bachelors degrees at Oakland University, in Rochester Hills, MI. One in Political Science and one in Management Information Systems. Michael George consults with professionals on their search engine marketing (SEM) efforts.