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The SEO Guru offers white-hat SEO services and consultation from his home base in Phoenix, Arizona; but is a virtual consultant, via Skype, worldwide.
I just found out that I cannot use my Cubs /Royals tickets for Surprise Stadium.I realize that it is 9:50am and the game starts at 1:05PM today.  However, this game is sold out and the tickets I have are killer.  Seriously.  Right behind home plate.If you want 'em, and you can get hold of me fast...
  I know this is going to make some of you jealous (sorry), but I have killer tickets-- right behind home plate and just a couple rows back for the Texas Rangers vs. the Angels of Anaheim tomorrow. It's a 1:00PM game (gotta bring that darn cell phone) and the weather should be breezy and in the l...
Wow.  I really had no idea I had been gone so long.  I haven't written a blog post in quite a while, if anyone has noticed.  I stopped chemo for the cancer in my lungs in late December.  Then, I developed a cough in mid-January.It was pretty bad and it was getting worse every day; I am still coug...
Good afternoon! First of all, (in case the title didn't give it away), this is a continuation from an earlier post: Title Your Pages for Google Success ~ Part 1. These posts are about titling your "main site"- not your ActiveRain site. Sorry that it's been a while since I've posted. For my regula...
I have written about page titles before, but I really think I need to do it again, and this time, be a little more detailed in how I explain it. Many people missed my "titling" post the first time around, or just did not understand fully.This article will be about titling the pages on your main w...
Look at this email I received today. ' I had no idea I was so important! Does anybody ever respond to these things...ever? I just can't imagine. I get about 5 or 6 of these per day.  This guy was actually smart enough to put "Att. Karen George" in his email. Most of them just ask that I trust the...
Do You Own More Than One Website? (ActiveRain doesn't count.)Yes? Then this is for you! Okay, a little marketing 101 to start off: When Crest decides that they want a larger market share of the toothpaste market, they try and come up with a new product to attract additional market share.So they c...
Let me apologize in advance to my friends in Denver, CO-- but I was rooting for the Sox this time, just like I was in 2004.  I just love those Red Sox! I won't go on and on and on about them...  But- come on!- what was with that crazy look that Kevin Youkilis displayed every time he stepped up to...
If you clicked on this post, than I can only assume that you are a member of my super-secret club. Clearly, those who are not in my club should know better than to have clicked their way here. Shame! The title clearly indicates that you were not supposed to click here.No, I haven't lost my mind a...
This morning, my husband Michael and I had breakfast at one of the local greasy spoons. At the booth next to ours, there were two teenagers. I was facing them, my husband had his back to them. The one that was facing me wore very dark, but sporty, sunglasses the entire time he ate. Like typical t...

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The SEO Guru offers white-hat SEO services and consultation from his home base in Phoenix, Arizona; but is a virtual consultant, via Skype, worldwide.

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