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The SEO Guru offers white-hat SEO services and consultation from his home base in Phoenix, Arizona; but is a virtual consultant, via Skype, worldwide.
I know we all like to pretend that racism doesn't least some of us do.  But I have to believe that most every white person in this country has been exposed to lots and lots of racism when the black folks aren't around. Then, later on, we like to say that there are only a "few bad apple...
I am so proud of my fellow Arizonans. When Obama came to town, lots of angry white people showed up brandishing guns.  One guy, with an assault rifle, told our local news that "America isn't ready for a black President." And he didn't even wear a hood like most of his cowardly brothers do. The gu...
I am torn.  On one hand, I don't want to scare the heck out of everybody with this post...  And on the other hand, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I want to remind everyone just how insidious this awful disease is and how much it plagues our beloved wives, sisters, friends, and daughters....
Okay, now in the interest of full disclosure, I'd like to say that I have no affiliation with this company at all.  They are not paying me for this endorsement, either in cash, gifts or trade.  But this is a product that I personally send to clients, and they always love it.  More importantly, it...
I have enjoyed some pretty good success when it comes to Google and my Arizona mortgage business.  However, every once in a while, a spammy website comes up above me.  I thought the Google algorithm was pretty good at knocking these sites out of the index, but not always, apparently. I'll give yo...
If you love lobster like I do, there is the seventeenth annual Lobster Festival this weekend in Puerto Nuevo. Puerto Nuevo is a lovely little town in Mexico, about an hour from the heart of San Diego.  It's about 6 hours from my home in Arizona, but if I am going to spend a weekend in Mexico, thi...
I just hung up with a client who is very upset with me right now. It seems that the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) I provided to him yesterday is a full $1200 more than what I quoted him three months ago. He has been shopping for foreclosed homes in Phoenix, so it's a slow-going process. I think he fi...
I think that everybody is tightening their proverbial belts right now.  Times are tough.  I just read that unemployment in Michigan is at 25% right now.  I can't even believe that is true. Ironically, I have a friend who works only part time, but gets by wonderfully.  It's truly amazing.  She's a...
I realize that I tend to jump on the bandwagon about a year or two later than the majority of people...but today I discovered YouTube! I intend on posting videos related to Arizona Mortgages, so my YouTube acount is azmortgagerates, what else? I mean, I didn't really discover it.  I've been watch...
Well, at least not in the past several years. I have read several posts on AR about SPAM, and I always wonder why the "challenge / response" system is never discussed.  It seems many people are missing the boat when it comes to SPAM elimination.  Filters don't work, period.  As soon as you figure...

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The SEO Guru offers white-hat SEO services and consultation from his home base in Phoenix, Arizona; but is a virtual consultant, via Skype, worldwide.

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