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(This is a real picture. No photo shop or editing was done.) I'm just starting my getting into the world of blog and was going through some of my old pictures and ran into this one. I took this one back in August. Could this be reverse psychology marketing? Guess it could...The sign lasted about...
I was doing an inspection today in Fauntleroy & I ran into these woven closet doors. They were simply the most gorgeous closet doors that I've ever seen. The home was built in 1932 & my best guess that these are the originals. These would cost a fortune to make today. (I'm sure they were hand mad...
Pillar To Post welcomes your comments and concerns. You can contact us: Click Here MOTIVATION THE LAW OF ATTRACTIONHave you ever wondered why some people seem to "get lucky" and attract all the success and good things they want and others seem to have the worst luck bumping up against obstacle a...
Galvanized piping- steel pipe coated with zinc to resist corrosion, has a dull silver or gray color and is threaded to other joints or appliances. the connection between galvanized pipe and copper pipe should have a dielectric coupler (brass connector) to prevent electrolysis or galvanic action t...
PRE LISTING HOME INSPECTIONS   WHY GET A PRE-LISTING HOME INSPECTION?A home inspection is most commonly done when a buyer is in the offering phase of the sales transaction. But it can also be an excellent idea for the seller to have a home inspected prior to listing their property. With a pre-li...

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