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Some people do make mistakes when they are renting, and this post is to point some of them out. Renting is something most people get to do a couple of times before they buy their first pieces of property. There are clear advantages of buying over renting. But even with that fact, renting has its ...
House Selling Tips - Charleston House Buyers: When you are under the stress of foreclosure, you are in no position to get caught up in a scam that could make your situation worse instead of better. There are many legitimate home buyers out there, but the sad truth is that there are also many who ...
\ When looking for your new home, you may likely come across property that lies within the jurisdiction of a homeowner’s association. You must know what they are about in order to make a good decision as to whether to buy or not. The idea of a HOA can be generally a good thing for home owners be...
Home Sellers - Charleston South Carolina Homes for Sale When it comes to the acquisition of lifelong assets, some people choose to start a business of their own. If done successfully, it not only becomes an asset, but a big one at that. But when the entrepreneurship road is not one that you woul...
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\   Rent to own Homes - Charleston SC: The first place that a person gets is always an apartment. After completing studies in college, one is not able to cross the bridge into home ownership yet. And since living at home is not really an option, one needs to find an apartment to rent. Your first...
\ *** SC Homes -Serving the Low Country Since 2002 *** Location: Charleston SC Tri-County  HOT LIST_Rent to Own-Rental Homes_Charleston-Summerville  **  See  Our WHOLESALE Values                                                ** SEE...
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\ *** We Have a Home For You!!  ***** Rent to Own a Single Family Home 5 Great Homes For You!!See: ** AVAILABLE RENTAL HOMES ** * _5_ Quality Local Single Family Homes * See:,5 **Owner Financing Ho...