Can Cash Home Buying Companies Be Trusted?Virtually every street corner in the Upstate is littered with "bandit signs" - those plastic 18x24" signs with metal stakes; 90% of those signs say "we buy houses" the remaining 10% is a mix of "palm reading for $10," "lawn care" and my favorite, "we wash...
I just finished listening to "Never Split the Difference" a riveting guidebook on how Chris Voss, FBI hostage negotiator, annihilates his competition in high-risk negotiations.  That guy clearly knows his stuff and for his type of negotiations, his strategy and tactics can't be beaten.  In my bus...
Because of HGTV, we get asked almost daily, "wow, you're house flippers? How do I get into that business?" I mean, HGTV definitely makes it cool (thankfully, because I completely lack coolness otherwise :). And, it is an incredibly fun business.  So, here are my quick tips on getting into the fli...
Every day people contact us wanting to sell their home but for many of these homeowners we (or any investor for that matter) are not the right solution.  Please, other investors don't beat me up because I'm saying this... At least for us, we don't try to be the "magic pill" that heals every situa...

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