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Information for Real Estate professionals. Professional home inspection services. Providing home inspection services to Southeast Michigan. Including Canton, MI Ann Arbor, MI Belleville, MI Plymouth, MI Northville, MI Novi, MI Livonia, MI and surrounding areas.
Suffing can be added to just about any fowl and I'm partial to the Thanksgiving variety. Stuffing various home components however is not recommended. Home Inspectors see just about every imaginable homeowner fix. This B type vent shows an interesting configuration with a "handyman" remedy as to w...
 Grilling too close to the vinyl siding might result in the cladding being melted but I've never seen this on a second story. Perhaps someone was lighting off fireworks or had a small half keg grill on the addition roof? Directly on the opposite side of this wall is a receptacle but there was no ...
Actually there was one time, working for an out of state investor, I pulled up to a vacant Detroit property that wasn't really vacant and by the looks of the "residents" I was not welcome. That one was over before it started. Today, for the first time, I really wanted to walk away and tell my cli...
 Often times I come across poorly maintained exteriors particularly where there are wood applications. Something I learned early on is to tap each log end with the handle of a screwdriver. If you hear a hollow thud there is probably water damage. When damage is found a little probing is in order....
On the way to an inspection last week I received a call from my clients who informed me they would be late and that I should just start on the exterior. It's common practice for me to arrive a little early to start on the roof so their late arrival was not a problem. Pulling up to the home I noti...
Yesterday I came across something interesting. During the exterior portion of this recently rehabbed property I noticed the bibs were sticking out a little further than they should. I always start with the exterior so I had yet to enter the crawlspace. When I grabbed the bib it was loose and felt...
  Performing a pressure test this week I was immediately aware of breaks and/or separations. As soon as I released the pressure tank valve I went from 47PSI down to 4PSI before I could even stand up. Unfortunately for my client that was the beginning of a timely and costly repair. Approximately s...
A new law that aims to keep families safe from carbon monoxide poisoning goes into effect Monday in Michigan. Signed by Gov. Jennifer Granholm last Thursday, the "Overbeck Law" requires all new homes built in the state to have carbon monoxide detectors. Lawmakers said the detectors must be instal...
Popping my head up in the attic I heard the buzzing sound first. This left me scratching my head as to what this Lionel transformer is being used for. Perhaps doorbell transformer? The doorbell didn't work so I don't know.   I'm guessing this is from the 60's or early 70's. As you can see it's ac...
For a home inspector this is mild compared to some of the "homeowner repairs" we see. Actually this one surprised me considering the property was fairly well maintained throughout. Simply empty the bucket once or twice a day and wait for the rust to create a seal.    

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