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Information for Real Estate professionals. Professional home inspection services. Providing home inspection services to Southeast Michigan. Including Canton, MI Ann Arbor, MI Belleville, MI Plymouth, MI Northville, MI Novi, MI Livonia, MI and surrounding areas.
 Raised foundations are common in my area and my least favorite area to inspect. The heat of an attic is one thing but at least I know, for the most part, what to expect. Fortunately Southeast Michigan Home Inspectors don't have to worry much about poisonous spiders, other than the Brown Recluse,...
 Right now is a great time to pick up one of those little bank owned homes that are in disrepair and going for less than the price of a Ford Focus. I've even thought about buying a couple and fixing them up but I've put away my days or framing walls etc. The investor buys the home, hires a few gu...
 Condensing units require some homeowner maintenance such as keeping vegetation off sides, cleaning fins periodically, and ensuring the unit is placed on a solid level pad. Sometimes though you need to take extra steps to protect the unit from pets.   This photo shows a unit with excessive damage...
   When selling a home the kitchen is likely the selling point followed closely by the bathroom/s. But when updating that bathroom it's important to pay attention to details.   There's something missing here.    
    Most of us know someone who can't seem to remove themselves from a particular era. Sometimes they are stuck and retain that hairstyle from the year they graduated High School, listen to the same music, or wear those same clothes that looked good at one time. Sometimes this can be a good thing...
 It's that time of year again here in Michigan when attic temperatures can be dangerously hot. Often times I enter attics at temperatures of 120° F or more which for those of you down south is probably on the cool side. Staying in an environment like that with an extra layer of clothing and respi...
   Yesterday I noticed a bulge in the carpet of a basement floor. The carpet section appeared to have been installed in that area for reasons other than comfort. When I lifted the carpet I saw a musical instrument, or a metal bucket depending on how you look at it. I'm still not sure what the pur...
Great blog by Randy King Randy King, Progressive Home Services. Serving Greater Mankato, Owatonna, and South Central Minnesota CommunitiesHow does radon enter your home? Radon, because it is a gas, is able to move though spaces in the soil or fill material around a home's foundation. Minnesota ho...
  The only time I get a little nervous at a home inspection is while up on the roof. Being afraid of heights I don't particularly care for that part of the job. Outside of that I guess you could say I'm a fearless home inspector. Yesterday however I was afraid to even walk in the front door. Supp...
    As a general rule I check smoke detectors even though it's not required. Today without even thinking about it I used the butt end of my ultra stinger to mash the test button expecting a quick succession of beeps. Well I got that and then some. The alarm at the front door started blowing with ...

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