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     Yesterday I decided to cut my grass in between rain showers. I know that's the not best time to mow your lawn but we have had so much rain here lately my yard was starting to look like a vacant lot. Not wanting to be "that" house on the block I jumped on it as soon as the sun started to peek...
This entry falls under the Common Inspection Issues category from a previous blog. It's also one of those issues that, if taken care of early on, costs less than a large coffee at your favorite coffee shop. If left alone however it could cost you as much as a truckload of wax rings. Part of my b...
A while back I posted a blog on Environmental Concerns and gave a brief history on the use of asbestos in various products over the years. In the examples given, asbestos was purposely used to improve product performance. We all know the consequences of prolonged asbestos exposure. If you are una...
Having been a home inspector for a while I've seen and heard just about everything relating to this business. I don't claim to have all the answers or know the best way to do everything but there are some things I am certain on. Performing a fair and honest inspection with my clients best interes...
Great part one blog here on solar power. These panels are not common in my area however I do see them from time to time. Information in the blog deals with difficulty in properly disposing of these panels due to environmental concerns.    A neighbor of mine is interested in putting solar panels o...
 This entry has little to do with performing a home inspection. Reading the blog today of a local Realtor I am reminded of how important it is to focus energy on what is really important. I tend to focus a great amount of time and energy on my business because I am passionate about it. I like to ...
 After my first year in business I started providing electronic reporting with photographs. Prior to that I used MATRIX forms (check box style reporting) which actually took longer to complete and even longer to mail out. People seem to like the idea of having a photograph of the areas of interes...
 While this has no place in an inspection report I have become somewhat obsessed with terrible wallpaper, paint and tile. It amazes me that not only would someone manufacture these prints but that there would actually be a homeowner that thinks, "Now that would look good." Each to his own I suppo...
Those out of sight areas tend to be kept out of mind as well. Walking around the exterior and interior of my home I can point out more than enough things I need to take care of. A drywall crack at the kitchen ceiling that resulted from my 8 year old who decided to splash all the water out of the ...
 While performing a recent Canton Michigan Home Inspection I was finding your typical "Homeowner Maintenance" areas that are common in the majority of Pre-Owned homes. The term "Homeowner Maintenance" is actually verbiage used in my report to describe those areas where the homeowner is supposed t...

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