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Hello Hello and Happy Monday!!     Hope you had a nice weekend!  I know there were a lot of bazaars and events this weekend to choose from, plus it is getting to be that time of SHOP TILL YOU DROP out there. - I just have to share - I heard the most horrible story today on the radio.  I'm sure yo...
  It's Friday!! And the first week of December... ARE YOU READY??  With December comes the countdown to the New Year.  It's time to take a look at last years plans and goals and make a road map for success leading into 2011.     There has been a refreshing number of passed "lookers" coming back o...
I got to have all the little kidlins yesterday.  Emily and Owen, my sisters children and my little Taylor.  They have so much fun together, that is when they aren't fighting over who gets what toy.  Funny how they always want to play with whatever the other has.  Nothing that a good round of Old ...
I swear I heard Jingle Bells!!    I don't know if this early snow has gotten Santa a bit confused or if it just gave him the snow cover for a test run but either way I swear I heard the faint sound of the sleigh bells ringing off in the distance. I guess it could just be that I've been watching w...
The holiday's always seem to trigger thoughts of what you're thankful for.  Whether it be your family, friends, what you've been able to accomplish or the simple fact that your still waking up on the green side of life, We ALL have something to be thankful for. I was reminded in a big way yesterd...
It's looking like a nice rainy weekend here in Olympia, WA... Raining in Washington?  That's crazy talk. :)    What could be better on such a day than sitting at home and catching up on a little work with my favorite assistant.  I don't know that I have formally introduced you to Taylor May, my a...

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