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I am sure that most of you are aware of the initial "first time home buyer tax credit for up to $8,000" that was signed last year for all sales up until December 1, 2009. As most of you know this has been extended until April 30, 2010, it still includes the $8,000 tax credit for first time home b...
This is a great informational post for buyers!!! Definitely a must read!!!   Things to know about!   USDA: Rural Development Guaranteed Rural Housing Program   Must be a fixed rate loan for 30 years Must be compliant with VA rate plus 60 basis points No maximum mortgage limit Adjusted Income Limi...
The following information is Based on May 2009 Sales, Versus May 2005 Sales.  I will also be comparing January 2009 to May 2009 Sales. This information is only for Kent County, Delaware. Residential Settled This Month   May, 2009         Price Class Houses Sold SF Condos Sold Condo   # of Bedroo...
Let’s face it; if your house is on the market, you WANT it to sell. You don’t want it to sit there for months and months without any showings, any offers, or no one showing any interest. You can’t always blame this on your Realtor, because it may not be their fault.   What I want to talk about to...
Many consumers here us say "Now is the time to BUY", but some consumers have no idea why. If you are one of them, look no further! Your answers are all right here!!!! Interest Rates are at record lows!!!! With good qualified buyers, you are sure to get a great rate! First time home buyers are bei...
Today I had the chance to visit a pretty intriguing place, called The Victorian Lady, which is located in the historic district of Milford Delaware. The Victorian Lady is a Tea House, as well as a gift & antique shop.   If you want to go to a place that makes you feel like you are in another era...
Have you ever talked to a client or agent over the phone, and in the end said "well I'll get to work on that right now, and email it on over when I am done, what's your email address?" Okay so maybe not those particular words, but I am sure almost daily you ask someone for their email address. It...
Are you currently thinking about buying a home in the Kent or Sussex County Milford Delaware area? Do you need more information on the area, or want to view houses in those areas and have no idea how to get what you need? I am a dedicated, knowledgeable Realtor who is ready to work for YOU! If yo...
I love my dog. That's all there is to it. Do you know that last year I thought more about all the things  I could buy my precious Sam for Christmas, rather than what I could buy my husband or son. I know it's bad, tell me about it!   Did you miss that?! Yes I buy presents for my dog. I can't help...
In the tough market, a lot of sellers have been asking me the "golden question"... what can you do to sell my home?   Well I am sure we all pretty much in a nut shell do the same thing, market it every where we can, online and in the papers... but of course we explain that in detail. No need to g...

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