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There are old home buyers and there are new home buyers.  New home buyers cringe at the thought of the old wooden windows rattling in the house, hold their shirts over their noses at the thought of lead paint in the house, and think "money pit" when they see an old house. Old home buyers see the ...
Zoning, permits, neighborhoods, flood plains, comps...knowing about these things as a buyer agent is clearly overrated.  I mean I have never seen anyone that knows so much about floors and ceilings. Seriously, this is a top notch real state buyer agent at work. Also, don't forget to take notes on...
It's been cold here in Salem Oregon for the past week.  I guess that has been a good thing since it forced me to stay inside and work on my market reports for Salem and Keizer.  It was just too cold to go hang outside and do anything....     The good news is that the volume of homes sold in Salem...
Everyone has their holiday traditions. My family and I celebrate Christmas and so our traditions revolve around that holiday. Our family tradition for this holiday actually starts in the summer. I know, kind of weird folks that we are, but here's why.   The Christmas Cottage.     In Lincoln City ...
Not too long ago, someone suggested I sign up for StepRep, which I don't really get, BUT it does send me links which mention my name, kind of like Google alerts.  I like that part.  Some random person that I have never met or chatted with "trusted" me so I'd "trust" him back. The more trust you h...
Last night a young teen knocked on our door around 11:00 asking for food. My husband and I were up, the lights were on, and we live in a nice neighborhood. The obviously well loved teen had some parents who were just struggling to make ends meet. Anyone with a teenage boy know how much they eat a...
Anyone who has been around me for the past month knows that the water pipes that run above my son’s room just gave out and damaged his room.   I have a 1960’s home that needs a lot of work and so I believe that if you have to open up walls, upgrade at the same time.  So we added better insulatio...
The Keizer Oregon real estate market has been one of the most stable markets in the Salem metro area for most of the year. While it has had it’s woes, really that market seems to have corrected for the most part.   Keizer Oregon real estate inventory   Inventory, which is an important statistic i...
So do you want the good news, the good news, or the good news first... You pick the good news? Cool. It's no secret to Salem Oregon real estate agents that October was busy. We all had to figure out how to get out of pajamas and actually write contracts last month.   The good news...median home p...
I love fall. I love cool weather and the change of the leaves. I personally find fall energizing.  There is just this incredible beauty in fall trees.  I guess I think it's natures way of giving us one last chance to admire it's beauty before heading into "hibernation" for the winter months.  Ha...

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