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  I consider myself a "family friendly" agent.  I work around nap schedules because I realize that not every parent has easy sitter access. I've written contracts to buy a house at the Gilbert House toddler room to keep the kiddo busy while we talk contracts.  I've booked nursing stops in our hou...
I think it is a good time to buy a home that is a fixer.  Before you start thinking that I’ve been wandering around in our national forests and maybe partaking of some of the “natural flora” that we have out there, let me explain. It’s a good time to buy a fixer in our corner of the Salem real e...
“Well this sure is a crap-hole,” I said. “Gee hon, what do you really think?  It’s not that bad,” chided my husband jokingly, as he opened the door to go inside. “Hmmpf,” was all the retort I could muster that day.  It was early in the morning and I really needed some coffee before my wit had a ...
The Salem Oregon real estate market sucked in August.  That's all I have to say about that.  If you want to see the pretty charts and such you can see them on the Get Real Estate Blog.
You go to a party, drink way too much, and end up regretting it the next day. No amount of Advil seems to solve the problem and you just suffer through it moaning and groaning on the couch until your body recovers. Eventually, your body processes all that crap you just poured into your body, your...
Are you looking for a small acreage property in south Salem Oregon?  Looking around, but not sure what you want?  Not sure if rural property is for you? Now is your chance to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, looking at local country homes, in south Salem, in just one day! Homes on tour th...
Oh give me a home, where the straw-bale roams And the people live happy off-grid Where often is heard that solar power-ing word and the people grow veggies all day.       Are you one of them?   You know, those people who want to live off-grid, have a cob house here in Salem Oregon, or build your ...
  Like many Salem Oregon real estate agents, my transactions all seem to be from hell.  Not because I don't have amazing clients; not because I don't have a great loan officer involved ; and not because I don't have a great escrow officer around me.   It is hard to find a post that says anything ...
Keizer home price trends Well true to form, what goes up must come down. Thankfully for Keizerites, the correction seems to have come and gone for the most part. Keizer Oregon real estate has been pretty much flat-lined for a year. The second quarter statistics are continuing that same pattern. ...
Recently the Statesman Journal and spread the word that foreclosures in Salem Oregon had increased. They used CoreLogic as their source of data and they are reporting an increase for Salem. I disagree with their presentation of the data and here is why...   Interpreting the foreclo...

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