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Dawn Maloney, Hudson Ohio REALTOR® shares reflections, statistics and views about life in relation to real estate in Hudson, Cuyahoga Falls, Stow, Akron and all of Summit County, Ohio.



  I Taught An Accountant Something...Tax Tip If You Had A 2011 Short Sale   "Hi Dawn,       Thanks again!  Thought I would update you,,,,, it might give you a chuckle.  So my accountant said that he would challenge any real estate agent to teach him about taxes.... Well I guess he owes you a cont...
Let's Track a Wells Fargo Short Sale Together Property A22 Bank: Wells Fargo Listing Agent: Dawn Maloney Let's call this Property A22. I'll update you from time to time as we make any progress. Where we are in the process: House has been listed and marketed, we have a contract, all has been submi...
We see this problem over and over again...please do everything you can to make sure your HOA dues are paid OR that the buyer realizes they will have to pay your HOA past due fees. And keep your agent informed of any correspondence from your HOA, and how many months you are behind. Your short sale...
Fastest short sale ever! Pre-approved from the start and seller incentive of $10,000. That's right. Done in three weeks and seller gets a check. The bank? CHASE. No insanity, no Equator, no 100 page files to fax.I guess I don't need the FBI on this one.
It Was A Day For Kissing Frogs...Yuck! To find a prince of a house, you need to kiss a lot of frogs! We headed out with high hopes, that one of the four houses we saw might turn into "the house" - the one that has the right shape but maybe not the right interior, or kitchen... or perhaps needed w...
Yes Virginia, you can insult the seller. Tonight we shall hear the tale of Ms. Virginia Buyer, a lassie who found a wonderful home that had been for sale for a long time. Virginia ASSUMED that the home's owner, Mr. D. Seller, only used his initial D because his first name was DESPERATE. Although ...

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