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Look here for the link to this amazingingly priced property!  Lots of square footage and many many recent updates to this home in the last 2 years... http://www.nashuavideotours.com/virtualtours/sample/734CandlewoodHill/branded.html  
Sales since 3-15-2009 to 7-15-2010 There are currently 34 ACTIVE or CONTINGENT properties available in Francestown NH.  YTD 2010 there have only been 8 sales. The AVERAGE Days on Market figure for these SOLD properties was 163.25 days.  OUCH!  Pricing is everything if the goal is to sell.  It is...
In response to R.E. Marketing Strategies: Are your Self-Limiting Beliefs holding you back?   Do you ever wonder what is holding you back? Written by: Maya Bailey Ph.D.    Comment by: Harold Buddy Pope   - Jul 2, 2010 6:38:52 AM This is as true as the sun comes up in the morning!  Identifying thes...
Come and look this Sunday from 11AM to 2PM and enjoy Ave Maria ICE CREAM from Peterborough! If you want instant access to all NH MLS listed properties and are willing to fully enagae with me as your agent, then look no further- this is the most robust search vehicle around for getting what you wa...
Buying a Short Sale - Is it a Bargain? May 2nd, 2010   WWW.THEPOPEOFREALTY.COM The Short Sale - Not Your Typical Real Estate Transaction As a home buyer looking for value in the purchase of real estate you may find that a "short sale" property is your "best bargain".  Understanding the process an...
The Greece debacle has pushed interest rates on 15 year fixed mortgages especially low.  NOW is the time to refinance with little to no questions asked if you already have a mortgage.  This is a no brainer folks... save yourselves some REAL MONEY every month.  On Thursday rates were in the 4's!  ...
So very glad I made the move to Virtual Homes Real Estate in Amherst, NH.  Besides hands on webinar or face to face monthly training and a lead generation system that can't be beat, my new company company has ordered new signage, has comandeered an information booth at the local home buyer show a...
This seems like very worthwhile information and has just come into play on a property I have listed as the buyers are wanting to be in place by end of April, 2010.  Please verify content and accuracy with your lender.For prospective homebuyers who are on the fence about making a home purchase, th...
Why Interest Rates are Likely to Rise in 2010 and what does that means for home prices?  I want your opinions!!.Mortgage interest rates have hovered around 5 percent during the past year and have even reached record lows in the last few weeks, yet it seems the winds could be changing soon for the...
Read em and weep!  Actually things are slowly improving but interest rate rises and new round of foreclosures could put a quick and sudden damper on this small gathering of 2010 partymakers.  Home price pressures are still seen as generally stablizing to actually gaining in some areas, though the...

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