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By Diane Sawdon     Well, my husband just asked me if I knew what I was going to write. I told him yes, and then he made a judgment on my state of mind aka my mood---which is not too sweet at the moment. I told him maybe I could do a better job if I entertained the persona of Oscar the Grouch on...
  By Diane Sawdon   Simplify! The metal letters hanging on the wall above my kitchen sink say this. Why the word is located in this specific spot is so that I will see it every time I enter the room and, hopefully, it will have a constant impact on me. It is meant to be a reminder of why I now li...
  By Diane Sawdon   I admit to doing and being a lot of things, but I am not one to procrastinate. Well, it seems this month I have added procrastination to my list. I just could not get those words inside my head and then transfer them to paper. And, it is not even paper, is it?? I am putting th...
         April  has slipped away and with it one third of the year has disappeared onto the pages of history. April has made me ponder my own personal history.   This past month my roommate of almost 41 years and I took a quick four-day trip to the Mendocino Coast. For those of you who are not fa...
      By Diane Sawdon   All month I have been plagued with the thought that I have nothing to say this month. For those who know me well, I know it is hard for you to believe that I have nothing to say. I am seldom at a loss for words. And, often, they are not nice words that slip so smoothly fro...
By Diane Sawdon   It was a joyful noise! Our third granddaughter entered the world on February 10, 2009. She arrived yelling at the top of her lungs protesting leaving that safe womb of her Mother. Welcome to the world, Baby Payton!! We know you will make it a better place just by your presence....
By Diane Sawdon   The first month of the new year has quickly passed. For me, it was a momentous one. I hit a milestone early in the month. As the famous Country Music Star, Merle Haggard, said in his classic song, "Big City," I have reached the age of "so called Social Security." How one could ...
HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is that time again. It rolls around the first of January of every new year. It is the time when many of us resolve to make changes--big and small--in our lives. I would like to take this public opportunity to scream that I hate New Year's Resolutions. Who keeps them, anyway?? ...
By:  Diane Sawdon December is upon us and we adults all know it is the fastest month of the year. If you are a child, it is the slowest moving month of the year. It creeps and crawls it's way through the first twenty four days providing endless hours of waiting and trying to be good.From my "adva...

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