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Before long - too soon for some of us, not soon enough for others - kids of all ages will be heading back to school.   Drivers will need to be reminded to be extra careful when travelling through residential neighboorhoods, and to slow down in specially marked school zones. Young children will n...
A friend shared this video with me this morning. If you've ever dealt with an unreasonable buyer (in any environment), take two minutes and enjoy a little vindication. Enjoy this post?  Please do us both a favor and share it with your friends. Thanks! -Rod
Another great collection of practical tips and advice to make your blog more productive. Engaging the recipient is THE KEY to successful advertising, regardless of the medium.  Clichés and generalities don't cut it these days.   Where DOES this girl get her ideas? :>) Great read! Once you have es...
  Ever heard of Mobiltape? It's a company that specializes in recording presentations and seminars at professional conventions around the country.  Although intended primarily for people who've attended these conferences and want to revisit certain presentations, these recordings are also sought...
Serious about YOU becoming one of the top 3 real estate "brands" in town? Just in case you missed these...   #1:  Four Steps You Must Take Before Spending a Dime on Advertising!   #2:  How to Be the Realtor® Everyone Sings About!   #3:  It's What THEY Know That Counts!   And this bonus: avoid ma...
  My friend Chris Lytle used to train radio advertising sales professionals techniques to help them "become successful sooner" (than they would without his teaching). Chris' best-selling first book, THE ACCIDENTAL SALESPERSON, was based on the premise that most people in sales do not set out on ...
      A few years ago one of my seasonal clients asked for some help creating a jingle for the family landscaping and nursery business.  At the time there were other advertisers in the market using jingles, more than a few having come from the same jingle producer.  Even though the tunes and mess...
"Lead, follow, or get out of the way!" Chances are, you've spoken these words or responded to them. More than once.Most of the successful people I know are equally skilled at leading and cheerleading.They lead by example, principle and service.They know when to admonish and when to encourage, re...
...neither of which would be considered impolite. My friend Blaine Parker, a former radio creative director who now runs a small advertising agency in Park City, UT, publishes a weekly newsletter called "Hot Points," in which he provides incisive insights into advertising and marketing. Today's l...
It helps to think of Facebook as a kind of virtual "cocktail party."   When people engage you in conversation at a party, do you not respond in kind? A party isn't a debate, and it's certainly not the place for venting your anger or frustration, for whining, or for criticising other party goers. ...

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