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Las Vegas real estate and the Las Vegas real estate market reports from Rocky Dickerson. As an experienced agent in residential and investment real estate, Rocky Dickerson brings a depth of knowledge to Las Vegas real estate. More of Rocky Dickerson's insights on the Las Vegas real estate market can be found at
It seems that people need a laugh – especially on Friday. So, we dig back in to classic comedy scenes from a much better age of television. Some clips I found from past TV comedy when TV comedy meant something far different from today. A more innocent time and a time of real quality. Hope you enj...
So, by and large, we are seeing  a slow down in Las Vegas real estate. Few homes selling. More homes going on the market. We all see the downward trend here and we know that is where the market is these days.However, someone forgot to tell the Coronado Ranch community. In july, sales of houses we...
So Kathy Streib was the first person to tell me about this moment.  It seems in the Little League World Series, a pitcher accidentally hit a batter in the head.Unfortunately, many adults would consider that a reason for a fight. But these were better men.The pitcher can be heard sobbing. Yes, hea...
Okay, so I have to admit it - after posting all those photos from "Airplane!", I thought to myself that I really should go into a little more depth.  Because after all, nothing says sophisticated highbrow comedy quite like this movie. And so, here are some clips from the movie. Open the champagne...
I have done professionally speaking for around 30 years now. Yes, I understand that most folks don't have that level of experience. And still, there are levels of professionalism that we should all be aware of (at least if we are to call ourselves professionals).Whether it is a speech or a sales ...
Well, the big news came last week as we saw Las Vegas real estate prices dropping. In the meantime, an interesting market segmentation has occurred in Rhodes Ranch. So the question becomes "What is happening to Rhodes Ranch real estate?" as well as "What can I do to take advantage of it?". Watch ...
Come on, it may be Monday, but you could use an extra smile today, right? So, how about a look at the humor of the hilarious Tim Hawkins?  Sit back, make it look like you are working hard on some research, and enjoy! And now this is the latest installment of Mayhem Merriment Monday.
I chose to look at Mondays as Motivational Mondays. Some of us may be thinking that we need an extra cup of coffee or an extra hour of two of sleep. I choose to say, give me an extra shot of motivation and set me on my way. As the year keeps slipping by us, I am focusing one week at a time on cre...
There is a Biblical saying "Guard your heart". Now many folks think that means to never fall in love. They are wrong. In Biblical times your heart was also a reference to the thoughts in your mind. To guard one's heart meant to avoid negative input. Avoid negative TV shows. Avoid negative movies....
Well the figures are in for July 2022. Even worse is what we have seen in the last 7 days. Las Vegas real estate is seeing huge changes in the market.With prices for both houses and condominiums dropping in the last month, as well as inventory skyrocketing, we are seeing a major shift in the Las ...

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