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Ain't Nobody (Doing a Cash-Out Refi Right Now)   If you believe the statistics, 90% of homeowners with a mortgage will have a home loan rate somewhere under 5% these days.  And it's a safe bet to assume that a high percentage of those may be under 4% or even 3%.  If you're one of these fortunate ...
How a First Time Homebuyer Can Buy a Home with No Money Down   -Some don't need the ocean view.-Some don't need the 4-car finished garage.-Some don't need the extra bedroom/home office.-Some don't need the picket fence or landscaped lawn. -Some do need their first home and don't have a down payme...
How to Rock an Interest-Only Mortgage!  Interest-only mortgages are not just for luxury homebuyers with jumbo-sized home loans anymore!  And while we do see the buyers and owners of higher-priced real estate favoring interest only loans because of their lower payments, have you ever wondered why ...
How to Rock Escrows (aka Impounds)!  When you buy your first home, you probably expect that you'll need to make a mortgage payment every month.  Common sense, right? But what about your property taxes and homeowners insurance, and PMI, and HOA dues and impounds and escrows, etc.?  Are you just a ...
The Most Frequently Asked First-Time Homebuyer Questions  I realize it may seem daunting to ask what you feel may be the simple or even, er, "stupid" questions when you are a first-time homebuyer.  But by all means, DO NOT let your "pride" get in the way. Questions like:  What is a pre-approval a...
In California the Real Estate Property Taxman Comes April 10th!  You hear it all the time in California real estate circles --- "your second installment of property taxes is due on April 10." False! Your second installment of CA property tax is LATE after April 10, meaning that if you do not have...
What Kind of Insurance Do You Need When You Buy a Home?  Walls shakin'? Earth quakin'? Hurricane comin'? Flood waters risin'? Forest fires burnin'? If you own a home and you have a mortgage, homeowner's insurance will be a fact of life.  But in this short video, we cover what kinds of coverage yo...
Is a Bank Statement Mortgage Right for You?   Let's face it, it can be VERY difficult for the self-employed to get some shelter when seeking the best mortgage.  Why?  Because they face a tough choice every year around tax time: File the maximum allowable deductions and reduce taxable income as mu...
How to Rock Getting a Mortgage If You're Self-Employed!!!  Seriously!  Is there anybody who still thinks the self-employed have it easy? You know, like the song says, "they see you havin' fun just a-lyin' in the sun?"  Those of us who are self-employed or work with the self-employed know otherwis...
How to Rock a Personal Loan!!!  Since I've been a mortgage lender my entire professional career, the idea of borrowing a few dollars without having to undergo the home loan process intuitively strikes me as strange.  But, there are some situations for which a personal loan --- that is, one that i...

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