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Yesterday's blog entry highlighted a trip that my husband and I took to the southern tip of California this past winter, via our motorhome.  We had 65 wonderful days on the road! I can honestly tell you that I did not miss NH snowy winter.  My laptop and cell phone kept me in touch with those cli...
They say that wisdom comes with age.  I can well believe it!  It's only taken me 58 years to appreciate the beauty of our great country.  When we traveled from New Hampshire to Southern California this past year, we undertook the furthest point to point travel in the US.  It was truly a wonderful...
I have been a realtor for almost 21 years and never gave a second thought to the plight of buyers and sellers who are MOVING!  Until recently.  When I had to move myself, not once but THREE times in the last 6 months.  What? You're probably asking.  Who in their right mind is moving so many times...
Here in the Mt. Washington Valley in northern NH it is extremely frigid right now...not just the temperature but the real estate market has significantly cooled (more like frozen over) since last year.  However, there are some signs of life beneath the ice.  Buyers who have not been dissuaded by ...
I want to thank everyone who has responded to my initial blogs; being new to this, I hope to contribute useful topics.  In fact today as I was thinking about mortgages...If you find yourself begrudging your mortage payment at the end of the month, just remember that with every payment you are inc...
What a gorgeous day it is in the White Mountains!   After a foot of snow, today is sunny and spring-like.  Wish I could be snow-shoeing but doing real estate in the office (sigh...). Our local chamber noted that we have had more snow than the Antartica!!!!! How beautiful it is though...tall pines...
I can help!  In addition to selling real estate for many years, I am also married to a builder...I admit, he is somewhat picky about his projects, but it has been his trademark to build quality homes.  Therefore, I have studied with the best!The first step is (of course) to have a piece of land t...

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