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Building a Secondary Suite and RenovatinBuilding an income suite is by far the most profitable homeowner reno in Lethbridge.  How do I increase the value of my property? That’s the question on every homeowners mind. There are two key survival strategies. The first is to think long term, have a pl...
Rent To Own - Is It A Scam?      I have been asked many times in my career if "rent to own" real estate purchases are a scam or if they are legitimate means in which a tenant can become a homeowner.  So let me share with you my experience, which may not be reflective or representative of everyone...
Jeff Reimer - Royal Lepage Jeff has been in real estate since 1993.  He joined the industry about 6 months before I did and started his career at Royal Lepage in Lethbridge, Alberta.  When I entered the profession, I basically was sitting in the next cubical over from Jeff and we got to know each...
Coldwell Banker Lethbridge      Lethbridge had a Coldwell Banker franchise real estate office for the past 20 -25  years.  Back when it opened, Coldwell Banker was the fastest growing franchise in the industry.  That was back in the early 1990's when I was just new to the industry.  I almost star...
How Much Is Real Estate Commission?     This is a question that many people have asked me over the years.  It is also a source of a lot of misinformation and confusion for many home buyers and sellers, so I thought I would write a quick post about the subject. Real estate commission in Alberta is...
West Lethbridge Real Estate The part of Lethbridge which is located on the western bank of the Old Man River coulee banks is commonly referred to locally as "the westside".   Development there really started in about 1970 with the construction of the iconic University of Lethbridge.  This large c...
Lethbridge Duplex Properties     A duplex is a type of residential buildling which has 2 seperate dwellings in it.  These 2 units can be upstairs vs downstairs or more commonly side by side.  The side by side duplex is the most popular and common style of attached property that you will find in L...
Lethbridge Condos      Most people truly do not know what a condominium is.  This is because the first condos that we all became familiar with in our region all looked the same or possibley you moved to Canada and never encountered them previously.  These original condos were all 2 storey townhou...
Here is a blog that was posted by a guy who doesn't live too far away from me and helps to explain the concept of zero lot lines.  I recently had a client who came to me wanting to view  Lethbridge real estate who wrote an offer on a property like this. What are Zero Lot Lines - Calgary, Alberta ...
 Volcanic ViewThis pic is one I took while on vacation.  The volcano in the background makes for some amazing scenery.  The locals say that if it goes off the entire city will be destroyed, however they still choose to live there.  *image owned by Robert May.  No reproduction or use is authorized...

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