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OK so I have to start by telling you that this is going to be a pretty short blog. I am blogging from my new Treo680. I know, I know, you are all so very jealous. I have been wanting one of these phones for such a long time and I finally have the nerve/money to get one.  I like it except it has a...
 This Halloween marks the 7th Annual Keller Williams Trunks of Treats Event.  This is my first year to participate in the event, but I am very excited none the less.  You can read the information on the flyer as to when and where, but this is an excellent opportunity to allow for fun and safe tic...
Selling your home can be a fun, challenging and profitable experience if you take the right approach.  To begin, transform yourself from a "homeowner" into a "seller" Homeowners tend to be protective and unrealistic about the value of their home.  it was put best this year at mega camp 2007 when ...
Mortgages Made Simple.A mortgage is a loan for which you pledge the title to your home as the collateral.  It consists of four main components.Principle: the repayment of the original amount borrowed.Interest: the cost of borrowing the principle amount.Taxes: Real Estate taxes paid to the local g...
Ok so as I promised.  Here is the picture of the College Station KW throwing their GUNS UP for losing their wager to the Lubbock KW.  Just in case you missed the game..... here is the FINAL SCORE. (Just in case you cannot read that it says 35-7)    Now for the best part.  Please visit http://www....
So the wager that some are very eager to hear about goes like this. The Aggie KW challenged the TTU KW to a little football fun.  Both offices places bets on a football pool with numbers for the final score.  The winning agent at each office will receive a prize, however the winning office receiv...
Today's Texas Tech Football game was AMAZING. Although it was VERY hot outside. To read about today's game you can go here.  If you didn't watch it.......TECH WON 35-7, just as I knew they would.  Sorry to the College Station Keller Williams Market Center to losing to the Lubbock Keller Williams ...
As most of you know..... or maybe you don't, tomorrow is the Texas Tech vs. A&M game. The Lubbock Keller Williams and the College Station Keller Williams have a little challenge going on between our offices. Stay tuned and I will tell you more about this once we have WON the challenge.  I would j...
Today we had a luncheon at the Vintage Township Addition here in Lubbock.  I learned quite a bit of information that I did not know earlier.  This subdivision has really taken off and they have plans to continue for many years to come.  I am very excited to see this development really grow.  For ...
Yesterday, October 10th, I went to a seminar here in Lubbock with some others from my office about Wealth Building.  I have heard this information from years from my parents and my grandparents, but it is always so nice to hear it from someone else.  Some of the things that Mike said that I remem...

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