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The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) hasn't declared an economic recession. However, inflation, the aftermath of a three-year pandemic, and geopolitical conflict all contribute to America's unease about the economy's future.So what does this mean for the future of housing? And is buyin...
You may be wary of adding a foreclosed property to your list when shopping for a new home. However, if you’re a thrifty-minded shopper with risk-tolerance, vision, and basic handy skills, there are several reasons to consider foreclosures.While not without drawbacks, foreclosed properties typical...
If you have lackluster income and credit history making it difficult to qualify for standard mortgage loan programs, don't give up your dream of owning a home quite yet. A non-qualified mortgage loan (non-QM) may be just the solution you're looking for. But, do you know what a non-QM mortgage loa...
After a two-year buying frenzy, rising interest rates, inflation, and uncertainty about the economy's future have planted many prospective homebuyers firmly on the sidelines. Will interest rates continue to climb, level out, or return to the unprecedented lows we saw at the height of the pandemic...

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