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Now that you have a site and have got to that "Great, now what?" stage. Web Strategy and driving traffic to your site is what. I can help. SEO, Link Building, Web Strategy, Search Engine Positioning, Real Estate Marketing, Internet Marketing Strategies.
Bret Schilebeeckx | Live In Kits Thanks to our most recent site sponsor, Bret picked up the coveted 'Kits' area with our "LiveIN Kits" site. Bret Schillebeeckx, & The Real Results Group RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside | +1 (604) 218-1733 Contact Bret Schillebeeckx, & The Real Results Group RE/MAX Cr...
Come fly out to Vancouver, B.C. to meet me at the Canada Marketing Summit! I'll be one of the 15 speakers there, along with Mark Victor Hansen (of Chicken Soup for the Soul) and other noteables. Since it's event producer Rob Toth's birthday right after, there will be a lot of top talent in attend...
I wanted to share the project that we're working on right now with the active rain community, particularly the students of marketing. This is really the first time that we've applied our marketing style to a project development instead of a broker or agent. We've structured this very much as a "C...
We have recently become more interested in LEED certified buildings. LEED is a standard that encourages green practices and is gaining a lot of momentum in different communities, particularly in the construction industry where it's increasingly becoming a differentiator in the market place. We're...
Ya, I said it ...Chances are your website sucks! I've helped agents grow their business by multiples, and it's rarely been with just one site, and never with (exclusively) Building a network of sites is easier than you might think, learn how they've helped my clients dominate their ...
Twitter for Real Estate Agents I was interviewed recently for a marketing product release. The interview was all about Twitter and how agents could use it in their business. Have a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below. Did I miss anything? Twitter-For-Agents-Riel by riel
Single Listing Websites Recently we started offering agents in Vancouver our Single Listing Websites. These sites are very social, with commenting and rating built in as well as sharing on facebook, twitter and every other social network you can think of We call them "Smart Listings" We also incl...
Outsourcing Tips (and an exclusive $1995-value Bonus only for YOU)  John Reese, CEO of, 12-year veteran internet marketer and one of the most respected and innovative internet marketers of today is launching his world-wide much anticipated new OUTSOURCE FORCE program today. (It might a...
Isn't that what we all want? When someone types in your area name + real estate ... You want to be #1 Simple right? What if had multiple positions on the first page? Check out what we've done for Rick Stonehouse with a combination of a community site and his own personal website and some careful ...
Outsourcing CourseJohn Reese is releasing a new course on outsourcing.Those of you who follow my blog, know that I've learned a lot from Traffic Secrets 2.0, John's last course.His content is always solid and in this series he shows you how to do outsourcing right.- Where to find good outsourcers...

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