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Now that you have a site and have got to that "Great, now what?" stage. Web Strategy and driving traffic to your site is what. I can help. SEO, Link Building, Web Strategy, Search Engine Positioning, Real Estate Marketing, Internet Marketing Strategies.
The following is sent to us by Rick Stonehouse, one of the first agents to be using our services.Case Study: A recent sale in the Brix building, 3700 block of main.  My “talking signs” attract attention and provide ALL the information a buyer needs.  Recently I got a listing in "the brix" a buil...
There's no shortage of advice with regards to what one must do to better a WordPress blog's ranking in the search engines. It's easy to become confused when you devour everything that's available, because some folks agree with others while another group totally disagree and offer different advice...
In this example, I'm using another industry, but I'm sure you can be creative and think of ways to use this for your marketing. How about searching for people on twitter that are talking about your city, or buying a home. Get creative, these are direct leads that you can engage with directly.
A few months ago, I spoke to a room of people about web strategy for Realtors.For some of you, it will be more of my same old shtick, but it is good basic stuff to review. If you're new to the whole internet marketing thing, then there is some real gold here that could change your business very d...
I'd like you to take a look at these tools and strategies carefully, we've taken a lot of time to create a custom system that embraces a lot of the principals I talk about here. As a system capable of distributing your content over multiple domains, our system has proven itself effective for our ...
How many traffic sources do you have driving traffic to your website?  We like to set up as many as possible, then track the traffic for you and start to really focus on the ones that are working.Our traffic building programs start at $197/M and go up to $997 per month depending on how aggressive...
This is a cool tool that let's you search your keyword relevance on not just "google" but each of their data centers.This can give you a good idea of how you rank all over the world, as well as show you upcoming changes to your ranking (your page rank will migrate accross data centers). Multiple ...
John Reese is one of those mastermind guys that knows how to move a ton of web traffic on the web. The free info alone on this program is well worth your time to check out. This is the link to his traffic secrets 2.0 course, this is good stuff that adds to anyone's bag of marketing tricks. http:/...
Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a web traffic nut. Well on July 15th, John Reese one of the internets best know marketers, will be releasing Traffic Secrets 2 I know I can't wait for it, I'll keep you guys posted when it goes live, I know you'll want to spend the money on this one, he's alway...
I thought that I'd post a few videos about the back end of AgentXL If any of you want to beta test it, simply type in Still a little rough without some setup, but you can see from the videos that it's quite comprehensive on the back end. We've also recently launched th...

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