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Now that you have a site and have got to that "Great, now what?" stage. Web Strategy and driving traffic to your site is what. I can help. SEO, Link Building, Web Strategy, Search Engine Positioning, Real Estate Marketing, Internet Marketing Strategies.



We developed this tool as a way to embed our clients real estate listings pages on other sites. You can manage our listings in one place, and then embed the on another site with a simple < i frame > line of code. You can see an example a couple of posts down from here New Video - I noticed I'd pu...
Real Estate Marketing 2.0 Ebook is now live make sure you check it out. The book has received many testimonials and is being snapped up by people all over the world. we've sold copies in Greece, Italy, England, Russia, Romania and of course good old Canada and the USA. For a limited time there a...

Riel Roussopoulos

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I talk about SEO and Web Strategy in relation to Real Estate Marketing 2.0.