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Now that you have a site and have got to that "Great, now what?" stage. Web Strategy and driving traffic to your site is what. I can help. SEO, Link Building, Web Strategy, Search Engine Positioning, Real Estate Marketing, Internet Marketing Strategies.



I'm working on a new project that I'd like to get some feedback on conceptually.As you all know, I am a big proponent of link building.  As such, I though that a great thing to make would be a way for people to add their current feeds (like the one from your active rain blog), listings and other ...
  We'll have a booth (91) at the upcoming 2008 Tradeshow put on by the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board.Please feel free to come and see us if you're in the area.  We'll be doing live video blogging from the event and showcasing some of our new software and communities that we're building at t...
For those of you that read my blog regularly you'll remember that I spoke about this concept in a previous blog post called "Bait Site Marketing".I've been developing this concept more and more with a couple of other sites and clients.Using more generic keywords to capture search engine traffic, ...
This is a neat trick that helps me stay on top of important news in the business that I'm in.  I thought I'd share it with you.  Although this really isn't an SEO thing, let's file this under the "strategy" side of what I do.Go to (if you don't have a google account yet, ge...
I'm curious if any of you are experimenting with Facebook marketing?Have you created a group on Facebook? Are you a member of any groups?Have you got any actual leads off of facebook? We're doing some research for a client right now as to what is going on in Real Estate Marketing on Facebook.I'd ...
How do the search engines work?How do I find out what people are searching for?How can I use that information to get more business?These are the questions I hear the most. Simply understanding the basics can help you in so many ways.I've used google docs to put together a little slide show that e...
Link building in the web2.0 world is a lot easier than having to go begging for reciprocal links at related websites.As we've talked about before, web2.0 sites like Squidoo and let you put your own content up and this can be beneficial, as long as you use it appropriately and don't sp...
Using off site strategies to build links:Using other sites to link back to you is nothing new, asking for a link used to be the norm, but more and more sites are built to let you share your little piece of info about the world.Use these sites to your advantage, within the terms of their agreement...

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I talk about SEO and Web Strategy in relation to Real Estate Marketing 2.0.