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One on the hardest aspects to real estate is looking stupid. I don't want to sell until I know what I am selling. Here is some ugly news. I have been doing this for 14 years and I still get stumped with questions. I am clear that I do not know everything and there is 100% chance that I never will...
Real estate is a very expensive business. Owners, realtors and all others involved this is not a cheap business. So are we running it as a business. Realtors, you should be closing 10 deals a year at a minimum or know how to get there. Many people get into this industry and damage themselves up f...
I want to increase my business. I am getting ready to address this issue with many of my agents. The answer is simple. Do more of what you are doing or become more effective at your current activity level. I am going to ask my agents for their sources, lead counts and closing numbers. We will rev...
Lets lead on mondays. On monday's we will bring our new buyers to the office. We will not meet them at a house. On monday's we will make the buyers prove they have an approval from a bank or we will make them go get approved. We will tell them why it is important. On monday's we will make them si...
Buyers need a presentation too. We do not think twice about having a good listing presentation. We know that we need one to tell and show our points. We have practiced our openings and trail closes to death. The idea is to inform, set expectations and close. Buyers take longer to close so why wou...
Short sale changes. I read last week that 85% of all short sales will have new guidelines. MHA was the term that was used with the guideline changes. If you are aware of where to go to review these changes please let me know. Apparently, clients and customers will have to go through these steps b...
It is that time of year. As managers we have twice the responsibility for goal setting. First, is the planning with our agents and secondly, setting up store goals for the ownership group. I know, meeting w/ the agents that is still a couple months out, but I have to collect all the data from pri...
Ok, where I live the 8k is a big deal. It is 10am and I want to inspire, teach and get people going. But, they are already going. My operations manager has told me that we will be 300 percent above last years november. I did plan a vacation, my kids are home until 5. I swear I am bored out of my ...
The president of U.S. operations is coming to Austin Texas november 21st. The meeting will be about inspiration and 2010 planning. If you are interested in finding out more about Exit Realty or just having a planning session for your business for 2010 it will be a good day. Call me at 210-602-940...
Change, are we ready. It's coming weather we like it or not. Does our mind go to the worst possibities of change or do we look at the opportunities with it? Do we freeze waiting to see what change looks like or worse do we even see change happening. Do we need change to address us correctly or wi...

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