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Happy New Year to all of my Real Estate Partners!2008 will be the best year in Real Estate in many years. I know...you wonder what I'm drinking! I am stone cold sober when I say that. Here is why.Since Spring of last year, I have been saying to you all that for the economy to be healthy, we need ...
Hello and Happy Holidays to all of my friends in Real EstateOne week ago I wrote to alert you to a rally in the mortgage backed bond market that had mortgage rates headed down once again. This market is extremely volatile and very complicated. In the week since my last post, mortgage bonds lost a...
Hi, againWell...here we may be going again! We are in the middle of a three day Mortgage Bond rally with interest rates starting to head down. On Wall Street, the futures look negative with Morgan Stanley reporting their first quarterly loss ever in their 84 year history. Once again, elements of ...
Hello, Friends!I hope all is well with you and your family and that this holiday season brings you health, happiness, and success.The Feds made their move on October 31st by dropping the discount rate ¼ point. Watching the market since then, very interesting things have happened. On the day of th...
Hello FriendsWell, October 31st has come and gone with very interesting yet contradictory results. Bernanke and company once again cut both the Discount Rate (the rate that the Feds lend to banks) and the Federal Funds Rate (the rate that banks lend to each other and the index the Prime Rate adju...
Hello FriendsWe are two weeks away from the next Federal Open Market Committee meeting, chaired by Ben Bernanke, to determine economic policy. At this meeting, they must decide whether it makes sense to lower the Discount Rate (the rate the Feds lend to banks over-night), the Federal Funds Rate (...

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