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OUR STAR-SPANGLED BANNER STILL WAVES, O'ER THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE. I don't know how all of you spent your day yesterday, but I spent mine watching the Presidential Inauguration from beginning to end. I was like the dimwitted Chauncy Gardener in Being There, a blissful idio...
CORCORAN GROUP WEB SITE IS THE NEW PARADIGM OF R.E. MARKETING EXCELLENCE Have you been to the Corcoran Group Real Estate web site?  If you haven't, I urge you to stop what you're doing and take the plunge into Corcoran's sumptuous virtual realm of New York luxury real estate. Navigate, imagining ...
DUAL AGENCY IS A SWORD THAT CUTS BOTH WAYS Dual agency is a double-edged sword.  It is a convenience practiced in a number states, but is it a practice that gives clients fair and proper representation in a real estate transaction?  The law in my state of New Hampshire says that I am a fiduciary ...
 THINKING 2ND LAKES REGION HOME?  CHECK OUT SUISSEVALE HOME SALES IN MOULTONBOROUGH, NH A while back I wrote elsewhere that the perennial second home search season was about to begin in the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Now we're in the throes of winter, but Suissevale homes are still...
HOLD ONTO YOUR LAKES REGION HOMES The Laconia Area Community Land Trust will host a workshop January 26 aimed at helping homeowners hold onto homes that are in default and facing foreclosure.  The two-hour session is free and open to all income-level households but pre-registration is required. T...
I JUST SULLIED YOUR REPUTATION, NOW PAY ME TO RESTORE IT We put our lives out on the web for all to see. We promote ourselves, share our stories, try to get as many people as possible to "like" us.  We all understand, don't we, that in our real estate work, as with any trade or profession, our wo...
MEET THE GREATEST GENERATION If you live in the area of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, and you either belong to the "Greatest Generation", know of it, or would like to learn more about the lives and times of these revered Americans abroad in the Great War and back here on the homefront, then hie yours...
FAMILY FUN - NEW HAMPSHIRE STYLE Remember Curious George, that adventurous peripatetic simian whose friend, The Man With the Yellow Hat, always appeared in the nick of time to bail George out of a tight spot?  Of course you do.   Well George and his yellow-hatted friend are preparing for a new ad...
WHY RENT, WHEN YOU CAN OWN FOR LESS? Northway Bank and the Laconia Area Community Land Trust want would-be homeowners to learn everything they need to know about buying a home in the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire and they are giving away the education in an upcoming seminar. Have you be...

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