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This is my favorite time of the year - Christmas.  A time to look back and reflect on all the wonderful blessings I have been given.  Also, an opportunity to see areas of my life that need some "correcting".    I have been blessed with a family who loves me, warts and all, friends who stand by me...
I am in the process of writing a listing on a house that is 17 years old.  It has FANTASTIC long distance views, close to all the amenities it's community offers and has been completely refurbished.  Their roof is 3 years old, new Hardiplank siding, new plumbing, new appliances, new hardwood floo...
It's amazing how image counts.  I believe the Tiger Woods incident can be an example to everyone.  His entire career has been flawless, but one mess up has created a huge impact on his image.  Different theories are running rampant!  Of course he has a "management team" who can do spin control.  ...
I think this time of the year things slack off.  As always, the stores start early with all their Christmas merchandise displays and the hectic pace starts around the end of October.  I blinked and Thanksgiving was gone and now Christmas is fast approaching.  With that comes the decline of seriou...
As I was driving client's around today, we glanced sideways and saw a huge 8 point Buck.  At first, we all thought it was a very large statue, but I know we don't allow statues of that size in our front yards in Big Canoe.  It really thrilled my clients to be that close as they don't see many dee...
Have you ever had clients who have dragged their feet making a decision on a house they loved, then when they deceided to make an offer they found out someone beat them to the table?  That happened to client's of mine today.  My client said "well I guess we were a day late and a dollar short".  N...
Well today I had an exciting experience.  I was previewing homes for a client coming in tomorrow and drove into this one listing. Noticing the large amount of leaves in the driveway, I only ventured in a short distance and stopped.  When I tried to back up, my wheels kept spinning and no traction...
Who would know that a Hurricane would spring up in November?  We are certainly getting tons of rain in the community of Big Canoe in the North Georgia mountains.  Not that I am complaining, but today was Caravan Day for all the agents from various real estate companies.  We looked at 8 homes and ...
My husband and I just returned from a walk and were bombarded with leaves raining down from the trees.  We passed one of my listings and the driveway was covered with leaves.  It reminded me to call my client and have them do some outside sprucing up to keep their home in beautiful curbside appea...
This is the time of year when "critters" try to take nest in attics.  You may hear that small pitter patter of tiny feet running over head.  When inspections are done before the sale of a house, the inspector "may" utter those dreaded words..."there are droppings in the attic".  This is not the t...

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