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You always compromise your negotiating position if the other side knows you really want what they have. A friend of mine who is a landlord leasing agent told me that he was showing office space to a Fortune 100 company once in Dallas, Plano or Frisco - I can't remember which. When the company ma...
This may sound crazy, but exercising a renewal option is almost always a bad idea. The reason is that doing so may immediately obligate you to lease the space before you even know the rental rate. Exercising the option may trigger a series of events one of which is determining the rental rate, bu...
Sometimes it's not just about square feet, office leases, rental rates and what's going on in Plano and Frisco. Today it's about marketing in social media. Now I'm not an expert on that so I'm sending you to an article I just read from an expert who gives 25 Facts Every CEO Must Know About Social...
We publish a monthly enewsletter with business tools and tips, videos, inspirational quotes, client profiles, and lots more. We are based in Plano, Texas which is a suburb of Dallas, but the info is applicable to anywhere. We are corporate real estate advisors or tenant reps so our customers are ...
Decide What You Want? Now I know this sounds crazy, but trust me, it can be much harder than you think. Especially if you have multiple decision markers. But it's a crucial second step. Since occupancy costs are typically the second-highest expense for most companies, you can't afford to get it w...
If you are considering buying a building or doing a build-to-suit, you can add an extra few months to 18 months to your schedule. Buying a building can take extra time because you may have to get a zoning change and a change in use may trigger compliance with "grandfathered" codes. For example, i...
  The blog post below offers some good advice on how to get the best deal on your office lease. The one thing he says that I don't totally agree with is that you get a better deal for a longer lease. While that's true if you are comparing a 1-year deal to a 5-year deal, I don't think the same can...
        Start early.  Many companies wait too long before starting the process. Landlords know they don't have to be as competitive if you don't have time to shop around. Let's say you approach your landlord 2 months before your lease expires. He knows that you don't have time to go search the ma...
If they are correct, it's time to lock in the current low rental rates before landlords decide it's better to wait for higher rents than to do your deal. Here is a link to their article -
How can foreclosures be good for anyone? Surprisingly though, foreclosures create an opportunity for tenants. I wrote an article about it that was published in today's Dallas Business Journal -

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