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The name of my blog has changed. It used to be called The REATA BizBlog because that name combined the name of my company with the fact that it's a blog about business. Makes sense.  But then I was at a networking function a few months ago and I opened my introduction with "Hi my name is Bob and ...
I recently heard Steve Brown, real estate reporter for the Dallas Morning News, speak at Collin County Day. He had some interesting statistics that I thought I should share. 1. DFW created 63,700 jobs in the last 12 months. An additional 100,000 jobs are forecast for the next 12 months. These job...
While searching for office space in west Plano on behalf of a software development company, I noticed that rental rates have gone up considerably. Class A office buildings are now quoting rates in the upper half of the $20’s plus electric. My favorite office building is Granite Park III which is ...
My lovely wife bought me an iPad 2 for my birthday at the end of February. I was so excited and spent the rest of that day playing with it, downloading apps and generally being anti-social notwithstanding the fact that we had a housefull of guests.  After my wife complained that she had only seen...
Growing companies often face a dilemma when a landlord requires a 3-5 year lease. Lease only the space they need today and risk not having the space they need as they grow. Or lease more space than they need now betting on the growth that then doesn't occur. So what to do? The best way to handle ...
Working with an exclusive tenant representative is the best way for commercial office tenants to be assured their company's mission is at the heart of a lease transaction. The best tenant representatives are more than just lease-to-lease brokers, they are ongoing real estate business advisors. Bu...
The DFW office market is getting really hot as reported by BISNOW's commercial real estate newsletter. In 2011, the DFW market absorbed 2.4 million square feet (SF) of office space. That's the highest since 2005 and triple 2010's absorption. The 2005 number was 3.4 million SF. Absorption is the b...
I am somewhat of contrarian. If everyone agrees on something, I'm usually the one to take the opposing view. If I'm talking to my politically right-wing family, for example, I tend to bait them with the obvious benefits of universal health care, legalization of drugs and illegal immigration. If I...
This may sound trite, but it's true. If you don't look around for whatever product or service you need, you probably won't get the best deal. How likely is it that the first quote you get will be the best option? Notice I didn't say the lowest cost. Low cost is not always the best choice. This is...

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