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This article ( is talking about the New York City office market, but you could just as easily substitute Dallas in place of New York. Yes, the market is bad for landlords. Yes, tenants have lots of choices and rents have fallen while co...
It's good to live in Texas.  Those jobs create demand for office & warehouse space. And it will eventually change the balance of power in negotiating leases if it becomes a trend. So you might want to consider renegotiating your lease now before landlords start feeling confident of a recovery wi...
DFW office leasing is doing much better than other US cities. But even within the DFW area, there are winner and loser submarkets. Northern suburbs like Plano and Frisco will always do better because they are close to where people want to live.  The key is to have this information when negotiati...
  One of our clients is a French software engineering company that just opened an office in Plano, Texas - a suburb of Dallas.  We negotiated a sublease for them and were able to get full use of all furniture, cubes, phones, computers, copiers and even the server room equipment, all while also ge...
  A report from Cushman & Wakefield reported that DFW office occupancy fell by 2 million square feet in 2009 and total leasing activity was down 43 percent.  Not surprising given the current economic situation, I know. But like in most cities, there are winners and losers within the greater metro...
  While at a party for tenant rep brokers thrown by a large office and industrial property owner last night, the CEO of the owner said that he thinks things are about to be worse than they were in the late 80's & early 90's. He's a smart guy so I don't discount his opinion, but we're still nowher...
The Dallas Business Journal published a commentary I wrote on the commercial real estate market.  The article discusses why residential real estate is a leading indicator of the economy while commercial real estate is a lagging indicator.  Here is a link to it -
Are we in a recession or not? Is this a tenant's market? The answer to both questions is obviously, "Yes." But you wouldn't know it sometimes by the way some landlords are acting. It's like they think it's still 1999. I am a Tenant Rep or Corporate Real Estate Advisor so I spend my days talking t...
I wanted to let you know about a great opportunity.  A golf tournament fund raiser on Tuesday, April 28 will benefit a great non-profit organization called My Possibilities.  This non-profit helps adults with serious disabilities (Autism, Down Syndrome, Aspergers, Prader-Willi, Head Injuries) dev...
The Dean of the Cox School of Business at SMU, Albert Niemi, spoke at an economic summit the last week of February.  He focused on our current economic situation and how it compares to the Great Depression and other recessions.  So how does a REcession end up as a DEpression?  You might be surpri...

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