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Wordless Wednesday: I think your head's in the clouds...I’ve been told more than a few times over the years that my head is in the clouds. I’m not quite sure how it was meant but I'll take it as a compliment.I'm flying out of Seattle (over North Bend) for Orlando, Florida on a beautiful September...
Somewhat ironically, I actually grew up about 2 1/2 miles from where I now live in Renton, Washington. We moved to the Earlington neighborhood in 1958 and it was the family home until we sold the place after Dad passed back in November of 1998. It was a challenge to let go.Back in the day Renton ...
Speachless Sunday: Bev's homemade from scratch...If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe. ~ Carl Sagan
We spent the evening of August 13th at Kearney RV Park & Campground just off Interstate 80. We’re up early (as usual) this Friday morning hoping to make it to Branson, Missouri, our final destination. It’s a stretch at about 535 miles and we’re a little less for wear, this 4th day of our cross co...
WAIT...Back in July, and that already seems like a long time ago, I was at the Renton River Days Parade walking through town back to my truck at the Fred Meyer parking lot. I had this chance encounter at Rainier Avenue and Sunset.I love chance events and capturing them on video. It's all about ti...
We had a meeting in the University Village, Seattle. September is shaping up to be a very interesting month and the Fall calendar is filling up fast. This morning Barbie Van Horn and I were doing a last walk through for our Mobile Communications Boot Camp clock hour class, aka #mobilecomcamp ... ...
We left the KOA campground in Fort Collins, Colorado on the morning of August 21st and headed north up Highway 287 for Laramie, Wyoming to catch Interstate 80 west for Idaho. It’s an amazing drive through the high plains and valleys nestled on the eastside of the Rocky Mountains.I didn’t really t...
On our Missouri Trip in August we stayed a few days at the Branson View Campground in Branson, Missouri. On our last day, the 19th, my daughter Tawnya and grandson Tannyr drove down from Wichita, Kansas to join us for the day and to see a live show at the Branson Belle Showboat on Table Rock Lake...
I’ve been absent from AR a couple of weeks now. Not by choice, but by circumstance and technology challenges...We set out on the road for Missouri on the morning of August 11, 2015 with my 1st wife Bev and her husband of 38 years, Keith. We’ve been good friends forever and share a daughter Tawnya...
Sunday, August 9, 2015...Final preparations are almost complete for our departure August 11th. The Minkler Expedition, aka  Seniors of Discovery Expedition 2015 will be taking to the great I-90 eastbound across country at 6:00 am sharp Tuesday morning. Destination Branson, Missouri.It’s been a bu...

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I'm a teacher, artist, blogger and public speaker who lives in the Pacific Northwest. My passion is the evolving social media environment and how it is profoundly changing the way we do life and business.

I'm a certified clock hour instructor who really enjoys teaching social media marketing and emerging technologies to real estate professionals. I work for the First American Title Real Estate School of Washington.

I also enjoy teaching social media strategies for entrepreneurs and small business in the continuing education department at Bellevue College.