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Our Kent office is just down Benson Highway a couple of miles from here on the East Hill in Kent, Washington. I frequently stop nextdoor at the Safeway grocery store on my way home. When I see their sign, there’s just something about Ting Tong Thai that brings a smile to my face. The Urban Dictio...
Speechless Sundays: Big Shoes to Fill...
It started out as a kind of bummer Saturday morning. I’m moping around my condo about the fact I got my back bumper and tail light smacked the day before in West Seattle. But hey, it’s my brother’s birthday so me myself and I  have a little private pep rally. “Like get over it dude, stuff happens...
Speechless Sundays: Whispers from the Silent.
I’m a guy that likes to try stuff out... I’m not usually first, but early and if I hear about an app or a website that looks like it might help me to get things done I’ll try it out. That said, over the past 2 years I’ve downloaded a lot of apps for my iPhone 6 Plus. I tried them out, then later ...
Today is my Dad’s birthday, so I’m thinking about him. I’ve posted about him before and thought I’d share something today, but I didn’t want to repeat myself too much so I took a little trip back through my Activerain archives this week to take a look see and that proved to be quite revealing.One...
Wordless Wednesday: Buddha smiles from Gig Harbor.
These past few weeks have been crazy busy yet wonderful. Lately, I’ve really come to appreciate those quiet moments when they happen. Last Wednesday I was on my way to the Kent office when I got a text from my coworker pal Jill Bell. “I know this is totally last minute, but do you have time for l...
This is a little off the beaten path from my usual AR posts but I'm in the mood for some art today. I finished this video in late 2015 and thought, hey, it's Friday... why not share it... If you have a few minutes this evening or over the weekend, I hope you'll watch it and enjoy...One of the bes...
Today was one of those day’s I felt like a babykins toddler with my back flaps down going somewhere in a big hurry full of intention, but not getting very far.I really don’t have a lot of photos of my early early years. But then again, there really weren’t a lot of photos taken back then and thos...

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I'm a teacher, artist, blogger and public speaker who lives in the Pacific Northwest. My passion is the evolving social media environment and how it is profoundly changing the way we do life and business.

I'm a certified clock hour instructor who really enjoys teaching social media marketing and emerging technologies to real estate professionals. I work for the First American Title Real Estate School of Washington.

I also enjoy teaching social media strategies for entrepreneurs and small business in the continuing education department at Bellevue College.