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Wordless Wednesday: Sky ChefsSky Chefs, Seattle Tacoma International Airport, Seatac WA.#Seatac #SkyChefs #Seattle #Tacoma #Airport
Speechless Sundays: And there was light...#Fircrest #WA #PNW
Friday's Fotos: Once upon a time there was this smiling goat...So we're at the University Village in Seattle for #mobilecomcamp when I see these guys outside the Fireworks Store. I'm well caffinated and in a playful mood and the first thing that pops into my head (being the blogger I am and alway...
I find it intriguing when I make that chance discovery of coins in a fountain or pool. I’ll pause and gaze over their numbers and think, “Wouldn’t it be cool if you knew the represented wish of each coin.”In ancient times wishing was an appeal to the invisible forces that surround us and just may...
Wordless Wednesday: Care for one?#uvillage #Seattle #PNW @FransChocolates
You see, most every day round 5 am in half sleep, before I get out of bed, I love to drift for a bit feeling 19. Then after that 'snooze alarm' rings and startles me the 2nd time I hear my Freeman cousins yell from way back when. "Up and Adam! Shit, shower, and shave! We're burning daylight!"Aarg...
One of the fears many real estate brokers (especially those of a certain age) still seem to have is a concern that social media is just a time suck. More often than not, these opinions come from agents that neither blog or do any social media. Sometimes, they are quite adamant that being online w...
It’s Easter Eve... and I’m not only thinking about Peter Cottontail, I’m just taking a moment to reflect before I check out this evenings dinner and maybe a movie. Keeping it lite, just a short post thinking about things over this past week. A recurring thought thread included my Mom and holidays...
Friday's Fotos: Flowers for Roy... To me, and it's my own personal belief, that the heart and soul of real estate marketing is all about and always will be about lifestyle and community. I know and I am so very fond of so many of you here on Activerain. So many of you inspire me as I do the dance...
Wordless Wednesday: YOU GAVE ME A FOREVER within the NUMBERED DAYS. #WestfieldSC #Tukwila #PNW #Forever #mobilecomcamp #Activerain #WordlessWednesday

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I'm a teacher, artist, blogger and public speaker who lives in the Pacific Northwest. My passion is the evolving social media environment and how it is profoundly changing the way we do life and business.

I'm a certified clock hour instructor who really enjoys teaching social media marketing and emerging technologies to real estate professionals. I work for the First American Title Real Estate School of Washington.

I also enjoy teaching social media strategies for entrepreneurs and small business in the continuing education department at Bellevue College.